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This is a webpage for all students planning a stay as exchange students to Østfold University College, Norway.

Maybe you have been admitted to one or two terms at Østfold University College in Norway. We hope that you will enjoy your stay here and get memories and friends for life. For some of you, this will be the first time away from home and we know that you probably have a thousand questions. We will hereby try to give you some useful information.

Apply for accommodation

All international students are guaranteed accommodation as long as you apply within the 10 of June. In Halden we have a policy on allocating 50% of the international students at Remmen and 50% at Stadion. This means that if you apply for Remmen you may be assigned tenancy contract at Stadion if the number of international students at Remmen is more than 50%.
Apply as early as possible and you have a greater chance to get a tenancy contract at the prefered location.

All applications must be delivered digitaly at https://www.unieiendom.no/siost/. ( Change to English by pressing the British flag )
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We can provide accommodation in Halden and Fredrikstad. Follow these links for more information about accommodation :


Further information

More information about Østfold University College can also be found at these webpages : link
If you have any questions after reading these web pages, please contact us at mail.



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