Admission to Østfold University College

This page contains information about admission to Østfold University College for:

Information for applicants residing permanently in Norway

Admission to undergraduate studies at Norwegian universities and colleges is organised nationally by The University and Colleges Admission Service.

Application deadline 

Applicants with foreign secondary education, holding a permanent or renewable residence permit, must use the online application form called nettsøknad whichis available on The application deadline is 1 March.


Nordic citizens

Regular degree studies are also open to Nordic citizens provided they have completed an education that makes them eligible for university studies in their respective home countries. This implies that proficiency in Norwegian is not included in the admission requirements for applicants from the Nordic countries. Students from Finland and Iceland should, however, be prepared to encounter problems in regular degree programmes taught in Norwegian if they do not master one of the Scandinavian languages.

For further information please contact The University and Colleges Admission Service.


Exchange students and self-financing students

Information for international applicants without a permanent residence permit in Norway.

Exchange students

Østfold University College has a number of exchange agreements with institutions abroad. Students from these institutions are welcome to apply to our institution. 

International students accepted within the framework of an exchange programme or a bilateral agreement must have studied at least one year at their home university. The period spent at Østfold University College must be recognised as an integral part of their degree from their home university.

For further information on courses offered to exchange students please click here.

Candidates apply through their home university. Deadline for applying depends on the candidate's home institution's rules and regulations. However, applicants must be forwarded to Østfold University College by 1 May/1 November.

Erasmus+ Students

Nordplus Students

Self-financing students

Østfold University College only offer a few degree programmes where the language of instruction is English. 

International self-financing students, without a permanent residence permit, are welcome to apply to the following programmes provided that they fulfil the admission requirements:

Bachelor programmes in Scenography and Acting 

Master's degree programme in Scenography

The Quota Scheme

The Quota Scheme is a funding scheme offered by the Norwegian Government to students from developing countries and countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia for studies of higher education in Norway.

The objective of the Quota Scheme is to provide relevant education that will benefit the student's home countries when they return home after graduation.

Who may apply? 

Only students from certain countries and from institutions with a cooperation agreement with Østfold University College will be considered. 
Please check with your home institution whether it has a partner agreement with Østfold University College. 

As a general rule applicants must have resided in their home country for at least one year prior to the intended study period in Norway. 

Programmes offered

Courses taught in English:

Master's degree programme in Computer Sciences

International Business programme

A good command of the English language is required.


The Quota Scheme is a scholarship programme, but the funding is given as part loan and part grant. Students receive money from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. Each student receives the same amount of money as a Norwegian Student would do in an equivalent educational programme. About 30 per cent of the amount is given as a grant and 70 per cent as loan. However, the loan portion is waived when the student return to his/her home country after completing the course of study.

The amount paid is approximately NOK 98 000 per year. The scholarship is meant to cover basic living expenses throughout the academic year. 

Quota Scheme scholarship also includes a partial allowance for travel to Norway at the beginning of the study period and home again on completion. In addition students can apply for one annual home visit if the educational programme lasts more than one year, as well as financial support for travelling expenses for field work during the course of study. The travel allowance is given according to fixed rates and does not always cover the entire cost of the travel. 

Further information about the Quota Scheme 

Application deadline is 1 February.

Application for a Quota Scheme programme at Østfold University College is made through your home institution.