Courses for exchange students

Østfold University College has a number of courses taught in English offered to students coming from one of our many partner institutions abroad. Exchange students normally attend Østfold University College for a duration of 3-12 months. In addition to our courses taught in English, we offer online courses in German, French and Spanish. As an exchange student you may choose one or two of these courses in combination with the courses taught in English.

The course list for the academic year 2017/2018 below will be updated by April 28th 2017. There may be changes in the list before this date.  

Courses in English

The Faculty of Business, Foreign Languages and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Computer Sciences

The Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Health and Social Studies

The Norwegian Theatre Academy

One semester within the bachelor's degrees in:

Courses taught in German, French and Spanish