About Østfold University College

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Østfold University College was founded on 1 August 1994.
On this date, five university colleges in Østfold county merged to create the new institution:

Study programmes at Østfold University College 


Campus Halden offers programmes at the:

Campus Fredrikstad at Kråkerøy offers programmes at the:

Board, management and shared services

Research and development

The Foreign Language Centre

The Norwegian National Centre for Foreign Languages in Education is located at Østfold University College's Campus Halden as a unit with 6.2 full-time equivalents. HiØ's broad and extensive linguistic community helped to lay the foundations for the establishment of the Foreign Language Centre, which was formed to strengthen language subjects in Norwegian education in general and in business and industry in particular.

Partners - International Relations

Østfold University College has many partners, both national and international ones. As for its mission, Østfold University College is a regional institution with the particular responsibility for the local community. In addition to this reginonal focus, HiØ collaborates with over 100 universities world wide and participate in international co-operation programmes such as Erasmus+ and Nordplus.

Student welfare

The welfare of HiØ students is attended to in several ways – including through the considerable efforts of the Foundation for Student Life and the Student Parliament in Østfold.

Among other things, the Foundation for Student Life for Østfold runs the counselling service, student accommodation, bookshops and several canteens at HiØ.

The Student Parliament for Østfold attends to student democracy at HiØ with the help of many student representatives and other active participants from the different programmes and units at the university college.