Faculty of Education

Study programmes 

Please note that the language of instruction is Norwegian. For information on courses taught in English click here

The Faculty of Education offers the following study programmes:

Special Courses

Additionally, the Faculty offers 30 and 60 ECTS-credit programmes that can be taken separately or combined into a bachelor’s degree.

The following one-year programmes (60 ECTS) are normally offered:

Teacher Education for Primary and Secondary School 

This programme is a four-year full-time study with compulsory courses in the first two years and a number of optional courses in the last two years. The compulsory parts of the programme are: Norwegian (30 ECTS credits), mathematics (30 ECTS credits), religion and ethics (20 ECTS credits), pedagogy (30 ECTS credits), teaching reading, writing and mathematics (10 ECTS credits), drama methodology (30 hours).

ICT is a central tool in the general educational studies at Østfold University College, and all students on this programme receive free laptops. Using this tool is not least important in the periods of work practice, in which groups of students work in close collaboration with partner schools at compulsory school level.

The General Educational Studies programme is a professional programme that qualifies graduates to teach in compulsory school, which in Norway comprises pupils from 6 to 16 years of age. Depending on the specialisation choices students make in the 3rd and 4th years of study, they may also qualify to teach in upper secondary school.

Educational Studies, Pre-school

This programme qualifies for pedagogical work or management positions at pre-school level. The programme can be taken either as a full-time study over 3 years or as part-time studies over 4 years. Østfold University College has designed this curriculum to be subject-based with students choosing either a general studies model or a specialisation model.

If students choose the specialisation model, they study selected subjects in depth and may add other studies on to the programme.

The pre-school studies give professional qualifications as pre-school teachers. Thus, a broad contact with partner schools for practice training all through the three years of study is an important part of the programme.

Practical Educational Studies, PPU

This training qualifies to teach selected subjects on lower and upper secondary school levels and in adult education. The programme admits students with a university or college degree or with relevant vocational education.

The programme lasts one year on a full-time or two years on a part-time basis, and gives 60 ECTS credits.

Master’s Degree, Special Education

The master’s degree programme qualifies for various types of work in the area of special education as well as for PhD programmes in the discipline.