There will be no admission for the BA programs in acting and scenography in 2018. Next application deadline will be March 1, 2019.

The degree programmes in Theatre Arts

The Norwegian Theatre Academy offers two different study programmes leading to a bachelor’s degree in acting or scenography. The aim is to train specialized theatre artists who can combine skills, knowledge and methods from conceptual visual art with skills, techniques and methods from contemporary theatre and performance.  The artistic profiles of the courses are inspired by international theatre art in which the perception of images, space, sound and bodily awareness are central elements. Theatre forms that experiment with classical drama and crossover art forms are used as references to investigate the challenges facing theatre in contemporary society.

The programmes focus on different forms of interaction between scenography (space) and acting (human beings and their actions) and on creating genuine artistic collaboration between students in both disciplines. The interdisciplinary process is made through challenging meetings between artists and students from different countries and artistic traditions. All students at NTA participate in experimental workshops and devise complex theatre productions with internationally respected guest artists. Students are expected to develop a strong awareness of diverse methods and production strategies as they develop their own approach to process within the three years of study. The Academy trains professional artists who can work collaboratively across disciplines, both independently and in ensembles: students are expected to develop an original, articulate and analytical attitude to the performing arts in its different forms.

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The scenography degree
The study programme aims to educate scenographers who are capable of developing concepts for use in various forms of theatre art ranging from productions at large theatres to projects involving experimental space and time-based forms of expression. The focus is strongly on developing the students’ ability to communicate precisely using drawings, models and digital media. Collaboration with the students on the acting programme is an important part of the course. The target group for this degree programme is young people from Norway and other countries, who have an active interest in the arts and the theatre and who wish to complete a bachelor’s degree in Scenography. Previous experience from the visual arts is normally considered an advantage.

The acting degree
The aim of the programme is to train performers who can portray characters through conscious use of body, voice and movement, work with objects and take part in complex directed visual compositions and create independenet transdisiplinary work. The acting course trains performers to work independently on theatre productions and to interpret roles or role functions in productions directed by directors, choreographers or other artists. Collaboration with the scenography students is an important part of the course. The target group consists of young people from Norway and abroad with an interest in the arts and the theatre who wish to complete a Bachelor degree in Acting. Previous ex­perience of theatre and performance is normally considered an advantage, but it is not a precondition for applying.



Bachelor in scenography (2012-2015)
Bachelor in scenography (2013-2016)

Bachelor in acting (2012-2015)
Bachelor in acting (2013-2016)