Exchange programme

Students at Norwegian Theatre Academy are encouraged to take part of their training abroad.

Through its international network, the Academy seeks to organize exchanges for interested students by tailoring opportunities abroad to meet individual needs.

NTA accepts exchange students when this is applicable with the study program planned for our regular students. The Academy ideally accepts students from the institutions with whom we uphold student mobility agreements. However, students who hold a regular student position at any art education are welcome to apply for exchanged studies.

Application deadlines are May 1st and November 1st for subsequent semesters.

In addition to the application form, please enclose a DVD with documentation of some of your work as performer.
All applications must be sent to: International Office, Østfold University College, P.O. Box 700, N-1757 Halden, Norway.

For further information, contact our International office:
Ellen Høy-Petersen, International Office, Østfold University College
phone: +47 69215013  -  e-mail:

Pea Hov, Head of studies, Norwegian Theatre Academy
phone: +47 69 35 87 08 - e-mail:

Student Mobility Application Form can be downloaded here. (pdf)