Master in performance

Application deadline: March 1, 2018

MA in Performance is a new, two-year full time study, recruiting students from any artistic discipline who are interested in exploring their practice as performance.

This study engages in:

The program is for you who have a developed artistic practice and want to broaden your approach through research in composition and new dramaturgies in relation to live audiences. It aims at enhancing the development of the methods, theory, terminology and values emerging from contested perspectives on performance while enriching the field with a critical focus on artists’ practice and engagement with their context.

The term performance in this program is used in relation to the expanded field of performative practices which have emerged in the past century and are not identified by a single specific arts canon or training discipline, but rather by ever-evolving critical and curious relationships to live performance as compositions of body and space, across disciplines. In this program students develop through ethical and theoretical reflections related to audiences, spaces, collaborative processes and materials. You do not need to be a trained performer yourself, but you should have some experience in working collaboratively with artists from other fields than your own.  In the program, you will be challenged to develop awareness of your own working strategies while moving into more unfamiliar territories encountering methodologies from other fields.

If you are interested in critically composing live encounters with audiences, this program will offer practical and theoretical reflections and advanced dialogues on compositional modes and their relation to society. The program is for those who want to challenge the foundations of their practice critically, including questioning the tempo, role and scale of production in contemporary live art processes. The program offer students artistic development, as well as reflective modes of production in an increasingly fragile global ecology.

Who can apply?

Applicants eligible for MA Performance must have a documented practice in at least one artistic field with either a BA in that area or documented equivalent in professional activity.
The minimum requirements for admission based on prior learning and work experience for master's programmes at Østfold University College can be found here.

Due to the curiosity and interest in the expanded field of arts on which the MA Performance is established we are interested in applicants coming from a wide range of practices, including but not limited to the fields of visual art, choreography, music, composition, directing, acting, theatre, performance art, street performance and dance.
More information about how to apply.

About the study program

The program places an emphasis on independent student lead research with tutors and artist lead workshops and interventions. There will be individual and common workshops, laboratories and seminar work through the various courses and their individual topics. During the first year of study students will develop their research questions and decide on spaces and formats for the Master Project. There will be opportunities for exchange studies and collaboration with other programs and institutions. The study group consists of maximum 6 students. The courses are adapted to the requirements of the specific study group and will comprise of visiting guest artists and tutors, practical workshop formats, self-study, study-trips, lectures, reading and production.

The study will form the basis for PhD level artistic research, and prepare the student for admission to artistic research fellowships and other relevant artistic doctoral programs, with a particular competence in bridging dialogues and practices across artistic fields and traditions, expanding the general field of performance. The program qualifies candidates to work on a professional international level in the expanded field of performance, both in the creation and leadership of their own art works and as collaborators on others’ original pieces, covering practices in the fields of live arts.