MA in Scenography

Next application deadline: March 1, 2018

Norwegian Theatre Academy offers a two-years MA in Scenography as the first of its kind in Scandinavia. The students will acquire the ability to independently work as artists, to research, develop and implement artistic and architectural projects in the wide field of scenography, collectively as well as individually. Graduates will have qualifications commensurate with an advanced knowledge of the extended field of scenography for the performing arts, in museum and exhibition design, design for film- and video production as well as in art for urban and other public spaces. Graduates will be qualified to apply to the Norwegian artistic research program.

Who can apply?

We seek applicants with a bachelor’s degree in Scenography or Stage Design as well as candidates with a relevant background in Architecture, the Visual Arts and other related art fields.
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The minimum requirements for admission based on prior learning and work experience for master's programmes at Østfold University College can be found here.

The study program

The study is based on experiential artistic laboratories and accomplished productions as well as theory and methods taught over 4 semesters, where the last term is dedicated to the completion of a the masters thesis, consisting of an artistic production and accompanying critical reflection. The studygroup consists of maximum 6 students. The courses are adapted to the requirements of the specific study group and will comprise reading, self-studies, study-trips, possibilities for exchanges as well as research into and the organization of self-organized seminars relevant to the master’s students’ topics. Final artistic masters productions may be realized on the basis of cooperation for individual projects with the Academy’s partners.

The program is fully accredited to Norwegian and European standards and confers 120 credits.

Study plan 2015-2017


Internationally renowned guests as well as permanent faculty provide teaching proficient in both practice and theory. It is organized as individual and group tutoring. Students are supplied with a personal supervisor, who will accompany them from the beginning and ensure their study progress throughout the program. Progression in the studies is further ensured by semester evaluations and feedback at the end of each term. The language of the studies is English.

Facilities Norwegian Theatre Academy

The Academy inhabits a new building since 2011 and has the exclusive use of a fully equipped Black Box Theatre with 300m2, a Spacelab of 155 m2, a Drawing Room of 85 m2, a Dance Space with 170 m2, several smaller rehearsal and practice rooms, a sound and media lab as well as a material library Individual work tables for the Scenography students and computers with standard software for video, sound, photography editing as well as AutoCAD are at the students’ disposal. All spaces are equipped with a sound system and projector.

The studies are free of tution, however only permanent residents and citizens of Norway have the right to apply to Lånekassen for study loans and grants.