Sisteårsstudentene på Akademiet viser sine egne prosjekter!

Få med deg de spennende prosjektene til skuespill- og scenografistudentene på Akademi for scenekunst.

Akademi for scenekunst, studiested Fredrikstad


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By Karoline Holland, Felipe Osorio, Moa Meinich, Mari Pitkänen and Klara Krämer
In: Black Box

«All this I know by heart. It is as if time is spinning around itself, and we have returned to the beginning».
The Black Box at Norwegian Theatre Academy bevomes a nightmare machine in constant disorientation. Seductive images and sensations on a crooked map inspired by the encounter og five cultures and languages, in a communication that is never possible but always alive.


By Erik Røger and Ragnhild Volden
In Space Lab

Most Honored People of Norway!
We hereby invite you to a Vernissage where we are uncertain whether we are before or after the present. This evening the champagne glasses will sound, the laughter will be loose and the inspiration will flow. Together, we will fringe the bands of art with our noble scissors! This marks the opening of the two young artists' quest for meaning.

About Vernissage: Erik Røger and Ragnhild Volden ask questions about their own art expression with the exhibition "Vernissage". Through experimentation with different methods and techniques inspired by well-established predecessors, the two young artists try to find their own language. There has been a tough balance between research on different artistic mindset and "paint between the toes". This process ends in a perfomative installation where we can witness their journey as exploratory artists. We meet media such as visual arts, installation, video and performance. The form and color composition is highlighted in the presentation and indicates a clear nonlinear dialogue between the works. Vernissage is a multitude of different narratives, all of which reflect their process.
Dess code: Formal


By Kaja Mærk Egeberg, Rasmus Stenager Jensen and Armin Hokmi Kiasaraei
In Impro Space

«I hear someone chopping wood. The farm further away. Looking around.
An old man comes out and greets me: Big wheels keep on turning.»

Side effect

A solo performance

By Bishwokarma Durga
In Grey Room

"Those words were poison, that laughter a knife, teeth are bared and waiting white and razor sharp. Those people are cannibals"
"Taking my pulse they wanted to feel my flesh and decide if I am enough to butcher yet."

Text: inspired by "Diary of a mad man" by Lu-Xun

Scenographer: Ram Hari Dhakal