When you have completed a rough draft of the paper the time has come to edit it. Editing involves much more than proofreading. Since the goal of the editing is to identify errors and flaws, you should read the text very critically in the editing phase - read in order to find mistakes. It is usually necessary to read the text more than once.

This is what should be observed in the editing phase:

Text structure

  • Is the sequence logical?
  • Is the text repetitive?
  • Is something missing?
  • Is it easy to find your way in the text?


  • Are there flaws in the argumentation?
  • Are there contradictions in the text?
  • Does the text flow easily? Reading it aloud is a good test of this.

The language

  • Is the formality level suitable for this text?
  • Is the language clear and precise enough?
  • Is the language correct?
Published June 18, 2018 2:59 PM - Last modified June 18, 2018 4:29 PM