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Procedure for Østfold University College in connection with exemption in teaching situations where it is not possible to maintain a distance of one metre in connection with COVID-19

Østfold University College works systematically to prevent and control infection.

According to section 3-1 of the Norwegian Working Environment Act: Requirements regarding systematic health, environment and safety work (the internal control regulations), the employer shall ensure that systematic health, environment and safety work is performed at all levels of the undertaking – including infection prevention and control work.


Reopen Østfold University College with, among other things, measures to ensure infection prevention and control in connection with teaching where the one-metre distancing rule cannot be observed. At the same time, ensure infection prevention and control, and maintain the necessary measures to slow down transmission and limit the spread of COVID-19. 


This procedure applies to both of Østfold University College’s campuses. The procedure must be adapted to both campuses’ activities, risk factors and size to the extent necessary to ensure compliance with requirements laid down in or pursuant to the health, environment and safety legislation.


The Director of the University College is responsible for planning, implementing and documenting what is being done in respect of infection prevention. The University College’s Health and Safety Officer provides assistance in this work.

We follow the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI)’s guidelines and have drawn up our own general hygiene measures, which everyone at the University College must read and abide by. See our webpages:

See Procedure for infection tracking, quarantine and isolation


The University College adheres to the latest advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) regarding the use of face masks. We provide face masks for use in teaching situations such as skills training, laboratory activities, etc. where we know it will not be possible to maintain a distance of one metre.



This procedure applies in situations where the one-metre distancing rule may have to be departed from in a teaching context in order for students to achieve the learning outcomes.

The lecturer submits an application to the relevant dean for exemption from the one-metre distancing rule. After approval from the dean, the exemption is reported to Director of Campus Services Jan Lorang Brynildsen and Health and Safety Officer Ruth Åsa Lier.

Criteria for departure from the one-metre distancing rule and application for exemption:

  • The target group for the teaching
  • The number of participants in teaching sessions (students, teachers, external)
  • Learning outcomes for the teaching
  • The time of the teaching
  • The teaching and/or procedures that require departure from the one-metre distancing rule
  • Reason for the application for exemption
  • Personal protective equipment that will be used
  • Organisation of the teaching
  • The person responsible for the teaching

Getting and using face masks:

The lecturer will hand out face masks if and when they are necessary. Lecturers can get face masks from the Service Centre.

If you wish to wear a face mask during travel to and from your place of work, or wish to wear one in other situations, you must provide it yourself.


  • The Norwegian Institute of Public Health –
  • The occupational health service – Stamina Helse
  • The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
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