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Information about the Corona virus

For students

From 16 August, the distance requirement during teaching ends. This means that there is no requirement for a 1-meter distance when you as a student enter the university college's campus, and you are in all different teaching situations such as physical education, group work in group rooms, when you work in canteens / common areas, etc. But - pay attention to each other, and keep distance where possible. This helps to keep the infection down.

You should NOT be on campus if you are ill or suspect infection. Even with the slightest cold, stay home and get tested. To ensure the best possible infection tracking, we ask everyone to download the infection tracking app -"Smittestopp"

Remember that we offer quick tests on campus. Test yourself often - even if you are fully vaccinated and feel well. You can be a carrier of the virus even if you do not notice it, and then you infect others without knowing it.

Continue to be careful with hand hygiene. You will find it over large parts of the college's campus. Is something empty? Tell Servicetorget and they will take it further.

For visitors

For visitors to Østfold University College's premises. Follow the general national measures, remember the 1-meter rule and ask in Servicetorget if you are unsure of what applies.

Employees must see their own websites with guidelines.

Last updated on Sep. 10, 2021 2:30 PM The latest updates can be found in the changelog.  

Free rapid test on campus

It is possible to take a free rapid test on campus, both in Halden and Fredrikstad. The testing takes place between 9 – 12 (drop in).

Fredrikstad: in the canteen

Halden: next to the stairs down to the library (in the hall)

The test is a simple front nose test Read this for more information about the test.

Access to campus

Both campus are open for students.

All students must write down daily which rooms they have visited on campus and who they have been with. This is to contribute to fast and efficient infection detection. 


There is no general requirement to use a face mask when you are on campus. Servicetorget has Facemasks that the teacher can pick up if this is necessary in connection with, for example, skills training and other things.

Events on Campus or events by students

It is now opening up so students can finally meet to have a social time, also on campus. This means that e.g. the board game club and the like can arrange board game nights. It must be a responsible organizer who is responsible for ensuring infection control, and has control over who is present with regard to infection detection.

Information on national measures

If you have questions about what applies, contact Servicetorget.

Contact information

It is important that everyone uses the right point of contact in connection with the corona situation.

See all contact points.

Testing stations

See information about testing stations.


Do you need Covid-19 vaccine?

  • If you want to take the coronavirus vaccine in Fredrikstad, call this number: 69 38 11 08

  • If you want to take the coronavirus vaccine in Halden, call this number: 989 04425

Mandatory infection control course

Everyone who goes to campus must complete an e-learning course in infection control


From 16 August, the distance requirement during teaching will end. It was actually supposed to come in step four, but is now happening on the advice of the Norwegian Directorate of Health and FHI.

This means that it will open up for more and more teaching on campus in the future. Therefore, keep track of what applies to you in your schedule and in Canvas. Course coordinators and lesson planners will work together to look at the teaching further in the autumn semester, so that everyone will receive more and more physical teaching on campus. Unfortunately, it takes some time before everything is as it was before the pandemic started.

  • Time schedules for your study programme/year group are updated and published.
  • All students must follow the messages given in Canvas and by e-mail regarding their teaching. You will be informed when your teaching starts and how it will take place. The type of teaching each individual cohort should have is different. Therefore, everyone must follow the messages given for their current study program / course.

Throughout the semester, there will be infection control supervisors with yellow vests present at both campuses to give advice in relation to infection control. You can tell them them or Servicetorget if you see something that should be notified.


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