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Information about the Corona virus

Both campuses at Østfold University College in Halden and Fredrikstad are open for students, employees and guests as before closedown. Everyone still has to contribute to preventing the spred of the corona virus and follow the infection prevention guidelines.

As an employee you have access to website with infection prevention guidelines. As a guest you get information in the entrance areas and information given by «Servicetorget» at arrival.

Last updated on Sep. 17, 2020 11:07 AM The latest updates can be found in the changelog.  

Access to HiOF's buildings

The campuses in Halden and Fredrikstad are open for students and employees.   You have to use your student identity cards are used as key cards for the building’s entrance doors outside normal opening hours.  The Library is also open. 

Students have to read the procedure for entering the college premises , with information on how to behave before you arrive and while you are on campus. The procedure applies to both new and old students.

Mandatory infection control course

Everyone who goes to campus must complete an e-learning course in infection control (in Norwegian)

Contact information


It is important that everyone uses the right point of contact in connection with the corona situation.

See all contact points. 


The autumn semester 2020

Throughout the autumn, there will be infection control supervisors with yellow vests who walk around both campuses. These should be able to give advice in relation to infection control, and also tell if they see things they do not like. We hope you all respect these infection control guides. Also tell them or Servicetorget if you see something that should be notified.


  • For some time ahead teaching will be partly given at campus and web-based on our digital learning platform (Canvas). 
  • All students have to pay attention to messages given in Canvas and on e-mail to keep updated on their study programme and courses. Please note that there will be differences between year groups within the same study programme.
  • Time schedules for your study programme/year group are updated and published.


General information

Previously given information about practical training and travel advice is moved to a separate webpage. 

Important information from the Norwegian government regarding: the closing of campuses, exams, practical training/internships, students with special needs and students considered 'emergency personnel' (This page is currently only available in Norwegian). 

For students and employees in health-, bio- and welfare disciplines and more:
It’s expected that the health services will be in need of more resources in the time ahead.
Read more about how Østfold University College contributes and how you as a student can assist.

Have you been put in quarantine or asked to remain home?
Read the Norwegian Institute for Public Health's advice for people in home quarantine

    Information from Halden og Fredrikstad municipality:

    General information and advice:


    • Updated with information when new guidelines will be published - 08.05.20
    • Updated with new guidelines from the government regarding access to the college premises. Clarified that the teaching is done digitally throughout the semester and clarification that the graduation ceremonies will be held digitally this summer. - 14.04.20
    • Update regarding contact for students at Center for Continuing Education - 27.03.20
    • Update regarding Coronavirus measures to continue - 24.3.20
    • Update regarding practical training - 19.03.20
    • Small update with contactinformation to faculties - 18.03.20
    • Update regarding access to critical materials/books while HiOF is closed - 18.03.2020
    • Changes were made to the topic of 'Teaching, practical training and exams' so that information regarding practical training, with new contact persons, is more readily available - 17.03.2020
    • Update regarding important information from the Norwegian government about exams, practical training, closed schools and emergency personnel - 16.02.2020
    • Update regarding the use of Canvas and email to stay informed regarding courses - 15.03.2020
    • Update about HiOF's recommendation that all exchange students (in and out), as well as staff currently abroad, should return home - 13.03.2020
    • Update regarding the closing of HiOF - 12.03.2020
    • Update regarding HiOF's decision to not receive new incoming exchange students, the decision to not record absences for students that do not participate in mandatory lectures and that all non-critical meeting are to be held digitally - 12.03.20, 10:20 a.m.
    • Update regarding important information about the conducting of lectures, travel ban, presence on campus and tightened routines regarding meetings - 11.03.20, 10 p.m.
    • Update regarding registering of all travel abroad with the Department of Foreign Affaris - 11.03.20, 10 a.m.
    • Update regarding column for contact information, information about guidelines for planned events, and information about guidelines for who should stay home - 10.03.20, 4 p.m.
    • Update regarding traveling in connection with work for employees - 09.03.20
    • Update regarding who should stay home - 05.03.2020
    • Update regarding future teaching, practical training and exams - 04.03.2020
    • Update regarding students within health services and guidelines for planned events - 02.03.20 
    • Restructure of this website to highlight contact information and resources - 28.02.20
    • This page published - 05.02.2020