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Information about the Corona virus

Østfold University College created an emergency management team on 28 February to secure that students and staff have access to timely responses to their questions regarding lectures, exams, practical training/placements, planned international travel/activity and other HiOF-related activity.

Last updated on July 3, 2020 2:24 PM The latest updates can be found in the changelog.  


  • Updated with information when new guidelines will be published - 08.05.20
  • Updated with new guidelines from the government regarding access to the college premises. Clarified that the teaching is done digitally throughout the semester and clarification that the graduation ceremonies will be held digitally this summer. - 14.04.20
  • Update regarding contact for students at Center for Continuing Education - 27.03.20
  • Update regarding Coronavirus measures to continue - 24.3.20
  • Update regarding practical training - 19.03.20
  • Small update with contactinformation to faculties - 18.03.20
  • Update regarding access to critical materials/books while HiOF is closed - 18.03.2020
  • Changes were made to the topic of 'Teaching, practical training and exams' so that information regarding practical training, with new contact persons, is more readily available - 17.03.2020
  • Update regarding important information from the Norwegian government about exams, practical training, closed schools and emergency personnel - 16.02.2020
  • Update regarding the use of Canvas and email to stay informed regarding courses - 15.03.2020
  • Update about HiOF's recommendation that all exchange students (in and out), as well as staff currently abroad, should return home - 13.03.2020
  • Update regarding the closing of HiOF - 12.03.2020
  • Update regarding HiOF's decision to not receive new incoming exchange students, the decision to not record absences for students that do not participate in mandatory lectures and that all non-critical meeting are to be held digitally - 12.03.20, 10:20 a.m.
  • Update regarding important information about the conducting of lectures, travel ban, presence on campus and tightened routines regarding meetings - 11.03.20, 10 p.m.
  • Update regarding registering of all travel abroad with the Department of Foreign Affaris - 11.03.20, 10 a.m.
  • Update regarding column for contact information, information about guidelines for planned events, and information about guidelines for who should stay home - 10.03.20, 4 p.m.
  • Update regarding traveling in connection with work for employees - 09.03.20
  • Update regarding who should stay home - 05.03.2020
  • Update regarding future teaching, practical training and exams - 04.03.2020
  • Update regarding students within health services and guidelines for planned events - 02.03.20 
  • Restructure of this website to highlight contact information and resources - 28.02.20
  • This page published - 05.02.2020


The Norwegian government has concluded that universities and university colleges will close starting Thursday, 12 March at 6 p.m. Here you will find information about how this affects students and staff. 

Contact Information

  • For general information, contact the Health Care Information Phone at 815 55 015
  • If you think you are infected with corona: Call your GP or emergency room.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not go directly to your GP or to the emergency room without first having taken contact via telephone.

Questions about teaching/practical training

Such questions should be asked to each faculty. Use the following email addresses:

Students at Norwegian Theatre Academy can contact Anne Berit Løland directly.

Students at Center for Continuing Education contact:

For students and staff at HiOF

Use this email to request more information or to submit questions regarding the management of the corona virus at HiOF.

If you have been infected or quarantined by the health care system, we ask that you notify the nearest manager (staff) or head of studies (students).

For international students:

For the media:

8.5.20 - The Government had a press conference 7.5 and gave new recommendations to the population. HiOF will work out which groups of students and staff will be able to return to campus in the coming days regarding  the new guidelines. More information about campus access for staff and which groups of students will be admitted will be published Wednesday, 13.05.20. Read more in the press release from the Government. This page is currently only available in Norwegian.

Important information from the Norwegian government regarding: the closing of campuses, exams, practical training/internships, students with special needs and students considered 'emergency personnel'. This page is currently only available in Norwegian.

Students within the Faculty of Health and Welfare can be called in to meet the demand for emergency personnel. Read more information about how HiOF is contributing to this effort and how students can get engaged (in Norwegian).

Access to HiOF's buildings

  • All university buildings in Halden and Fredrikstad are normally closed to students. The main rule is still that as many people as possible should work or study from home.
  • From April 20, a possibility will open for a small group of students and staff to access campus if it is crucial for them to complete their education or research this spring. This group will receive direct information via Canvas or email from their faculty.
  • For students needing to access materials, equipment or books that are necessary for their ability to carry on with their studies, contact the switchboard to make arrangements to pick up the required materials. The library is physically closed, but will offer a "take-away" solution from 20.4.20. You can read more about this at the library's website.

Teaching and exams

  • All teaching will basically be digital for the rest of the spring semester 2020.
  • All students will need to log in regularly to Canvas and email to receive important information regarding their classes.  
  • Original course schedules will be affected by the new online structure. 
  • Students can expect a significant reduction in lectures during this period. It is also expected that there will be challenges with finding solutions to cover all courses. Contact tilretteleggingsgruppa (information in Norwegian) with questions regarding the facilitating of courses in the future. 
  • Most exams will be in the form of take-home exams. More information will be sent out regarding alternative examination procedures.
  • All graduation ceremonies will be conducted digitally for students completing their studies summer of 2020. We will return with more information about these ceremonies later.

Find more information about frequently asked questions regarding exams and the impact of the corona virus.

Academic staff that have questions regarding the delivery mode of their lectures should contact their manager. The Support Center for Teaching and Learning are creating user manuals for digital learning and will provide assistance to teaching staff when needed. More information regarding this will be sent to employees via email.

Practical training

The Ministry of Education and Research has changed the rules for higher education practices after the Corona outbreak. Now, the universities and university colleges are getting more flexible in how they conduct practice for the students.

Read Government Updates (only in Norwegian)

As a student, you will receive information on how your practice will change when this has been decided by your department. This also applies to future practice periods. Updated information regarding this will be sent out via email and posted in Canvas when available.

Practical training for students in the Faculty of Education

  • All daycares and schools are now closed. Practical training for Early Childhood Education students and for teacher training students is also cancelled, also in schools and daycares that are not fully closed. 

If you are a student from the Faculty of Education and have questions regarding your practical training, contact

Practical training for students in the Faculty of Health and Welfare and in the Faculty of Engineering 

  • For those in traineeships at a health institutions, you should follow the instructions provided by the practical training provider.
    • Students in high-risk groups with documentation from their doctor should not participate in practical training
    • Anyone that is ill should remain home
    • Primary care givers for children under the age of 12 can be home
  • All future traineeships within the health sector are now postponed until further notice. Updated information regarding this will be sent out via email and posted in Canvas when available.

If you are student from the Faculty of Health and Welfare and have questions regarding your practical training, contact

If you are a student from the Faculty of Engineering and have questions regarding your practical training, contact

About travel

Staff and students who are currently abroad (excluding the Nordic countries)

HiOF students and staff that are currently abroad on exchange or work-related travel are requested to return home as soon as possible. HiOF will cover additional costs incurred.

International exchange students currently at HiOF are requested to return to their home country. Those that wish to stay will be followed up and the International Office will maintain contact with all international students and Norwegian students currently abroad on exchange programs. HiOF will cover additional costs incurred for those that wish to return home. 

All students must contact the International Office with information regarding their decision to return. Staff must contact their manager for more information about their return travel.

All students and staff that return to Norway, will be placed in home quarantine, regardless of whether or not they are exhibiting symptoms. This has retroactive effect starting 27 February. Read more on the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's website.

Are you currently traveling in a high-risk area:

  • Following the instructions of the local authorities
  • We encourage everyone to follow the travel advice of the Ministry of Foregin Affairs. The Ministry currently advises no travel to the Hubei-province unless absolutely necessary. Travelers should keep up-to-date on the Ministry’s travel advice and with news of the virus as the situation is under constant and swift development.  
  • Do not hesitate to seek medical attention if you do not feel well. It is recommended that you contact your doctor or medical center via telephone before meeting up in person.
  • Østfold University College has an emergency response agreement with Sjømannskirken (Norwegian Church Abroad). This agreement is for both students and staff. Sjømannskirken has a global network of staff with a long tradition of helping Norwegians abroad deal with issues both large and small.

Students and staff that have planned trips in connection with work or study

  • There is to be no domestic or international travel as of 10 March and until further notice. All planned research stays are to be cancelled or postponed.
  • No students planning on starting an international exchange programme after 10 March should travel until otherwise notified. Students planning on traveling later in the semester should contact the International Office for more information. 
  • HiOF will not accept any new exchange students from abroad starting 10 March and in effect until otherwise informed.
  • External international guest lecturers/researchers are not to come to HiOF until given further notice. 
  • Students and staff that live in border areas will experience difficulties crossing the border now that the Norwegian government has decided to close the border. Please refer to the national guidelines for border regions. Courses and lectures can still be completed even if you cannot be present on-campus.
Have you been put in quarantine or asked to remain home?
Read the Norwegian Institute for Public Health's advice for people in home quarantine

    Information from Halden og Fredrikstad municipality:

    General information and advice:

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