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Information about the Corona virus

On 13 January, the government has eased measures, with implementation from 15 January. The government announced that the measures will be revised in early February. If the Government makes changes to measures that affect our guidelines, we will update our guidelines here.

For Østfold University College, this means the following:

  • Everyone should have part of their teaching on campus. There must be an offer of physical education at least once a week for everyone.
  • All students must pay attention to what i written in Canvas and by e-mail what exactly applies to their class and their teaching.
  • Skills training are carried out as planned. Students comply with the infection control rules that apply to the practice site.
  • The campus is not closed, and SiØ will open the canteens from Monday 17 January.

Regarding quick tests

The municipal chief physicians says that there is no need for regular testing of all students weekly unless a special infection situation arises.

Students with symptoms or who are close contacts must receive tests from the delivery booths at the Corona Center like all other residents. This applies to both students in Fredrikstad and Halden. Students who live in other municipalities must pick this up in their municipality.

If for other reasons you need a quick test when you are on campus, this is still available at Servicetorget.

General information

Remember to keep a distance of 1 meter, and use a face mask if you cannot keep the distance requirement.

The government is also making changes to the strategy on testing, isolation, tracking and quarantine (the TISK strategy). The individual must now make sure to notify their close contacts in the event of a positive test. This will also apply to you students. The infection stop app is therefore very important to use now, and if you become infected, remember to report it in the app.

Read more:

You should NOT be on campus if you are ill or suspect infection. 

Continue to be careful with hand hygiene. You will find it over large parts of the college's campus. Is something empty? Tell Servicetorget and they will take it further.

Last updated on Jan. 18, 2022 3:47 PM The latest updates can be found in the changelog.  


The university college's exams are held as planned with stricter infection control. This is in accordance with new infection control measures from the Government on 13 December and 13 January.

Important things to think about in relation to the exam:

  • You should wear a face mask in and out of the exam room as it can be difficult to keep a good distance from fellow students / exam guards. You should also wear a face mask when you need assistance from the exam guard, or need support from e.g. IT personell.
  • Due to the pandemic, and strong pressure on the health services, self-declaration is enough to report that you are ill on the exam. You do not lose an attempt if you do not submit a doctor's certificate.
  • Stay home if you are sick or suspect of infection. Think about your fellow students - do not go on campus with infection.
  • Continuation exams are set up early, so that you can avoid having delayed studies if you have to withdraw from the exam.

Contact information

It is important that everyone uses the right point of contact in connection with the corona situation.

See all contact points.

Do you need Covid-19 vaccine?

Contact the municipality where you live.

Testing stations

You must now test yourself in the municipality where you live. See updated information on your municipality's website.

General information

Information from Halden og Fredrikstad municipality: