The campus finally reopens for students

We have been looking forward to this. We are now reopening the campuses for our students. Campus Halden opens on Thursday 18 February. Campus Fredrikstad opens on Friday 19 February. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to open the Fredrikstad campus before Friday 19 February since Fredrikstad municipality has asked the Government to have Thursday 18 February to consider its own measures.

Important information about access on campus

We are in a contagious situation that is difficult. NO ONE should enter the college's campus (students, staff or guests) if you feel ill or have the symptoms. If sick - stay at home anyway. This is extra important now considering the mutated virus which is extra contagious.

Everyone must adhere to the infection control routines that apply on campus. Write down which days you have attended campus and who you have had contact with. This is important for any infection tracking.

All students and staff entering the campus MUST wear a face mask when entering the college's premises. Students and staff must use a face mask when walking around in common areas, canteens, libraries, etc. It should only be removed when you are alone in your own office or reading room. Your own face masks must be used. Servicetorget has medical facemasks that the teacher can pick up if this is necessary in connection with, for example, skills training.

The doors to the main entrances are locked. Your can access the premises using your card or student card.

What services are open on campus?

In the first round, we open up the campus so that students can use reading places and common areas. Group rooms can also be booked in the usual way. Remember the infection control rules when sitting in a group room. Skills training and laboratory exercises that are critical for progression will also be able to be carried out on campus as long as infection control measures are maintained. The library also opens in Halden on Thursday 18 February, and Friday 19 February in Fredrikstad. Canteens and other SiØ services will also be open. See SiØ's website for opening hours and contact information about this.

Teaching and skills training

Basically, all teaching will be digital up to the end of week 9. As long as the infection situation indicates that it is safe, we will try to get started with some campus-based teaching from week 10. More information about this will come later. Follow the messages given in Canvas/e-mail, and check your schedule carefully.

Skills training continues as before. You relate to the practice site you are deployed at.

Published Feb. 17, 2021 6:17 PM - Last modified Mar. 3, 2021 10:45 AM