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Picture of Kent André Bersvendsen Bersvendsen, Kent André Senior Librarian +4769608666 CRIStin, Research support, Open Science, Systematic Search, Reference desk, Fredrikstad
Picture of Elisabeth Harda Bjerkeli Bjerkeli, Elisabeth Harda Senior Librarian +4769608062 Library instruction, Reference desk, Halden
Picture of Heidi Synnøve Bjerkholt Bodal Bodal, Heidi Synnøve Bjerkholt Senior Librarian +4769608063 Library Instruction, Research support, Systematic Search, CRIStin, Halden
Picture of Torunn Skofsrud Boger Boger, Torunn Skofsrud Head Librarian / Principal Librarian +4769608070 Management, Halden
Picture of Tore Olavson Buarøy Buarøy, Tore Olavson Senior Librarian +4769608858 Research support, Web development, Library instruction, CRIStin, EndNote, Fredrikstad
Picture of Anne-Lise Eng Eng, Anne-Lise Research Librarian / Academic Librarian +4769608764 EndNote, Library instruction, Academic writing center, Zotero, Fredrikstad
Picture of Grete Gluppe Gluppe, Grete Senior Librarian +4769608762 +4790184539 Library instruction, Open Science, Systematic Search, Databases, Reference desk, Fredrikstad
Picture of Ketil Modh Isaksen Isaksen, Ketil Modh Senior Librarian +4769608064 Research support, Information retrieval, Databases, Referencing, Source evaluation, EndNote, CRIStin, Citation analysis, Halden
Picture of Kjell Erik Johnsen Johnsen, Kjell Erik Senior Librarian +4769608065 Systematic search, Library instruction, Open Science, EndNote, Research data management
Picture of Trine Kristin Tingelholm Karlsen Karlsen, Trine Kristin Tingelholm Head Librarian / Principal Librarian +4769608706 Reference desk, Library instruction, Systematic Search, Periodicals, Fredrikstad
Picture of Kristian Sandbekk Norsted Norsted, Kristian Sandbekk Senior Adviser +4769608066 Open Access, Open Science, Fredrikstad
Picture of Samantha Josephine Sulit Nysted Nysted, Samantha Josephine Sulit Senior Librarian +4769608068 Reference desk, Library instruction, Web development, Halden
Picture of Unni Rønningen Rønningen, Unni Senior Librarian +4769608707 Databases, Periodicals, Reference Desk, Web development, Fredrikstad
Picture of Ole Vanem Vanem, Ole Senior Librarian +4769608071 Web development, Intellectual property rights, Open Science, Systematic Search, Reference Desk, Halden
Picture of Tatiana Borisovna Volkova Volkova, Tatiana Borisovna Senior Librarian +4769608069 Research support, Periodicals, CRIStin, Databases, Reference desk, Halden
Picture of Annelin Saxhaug Aatangen Aatangen, Annelin Saxhaug Senior Librarian +4769608061 Reference desk, Student assistent adviser, Halden