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Leadership Structure for the Digital Society

The research area of priority, The Digital Society, has both a steering group and a scientific leadership group.

Steering Group

The Steering Group has the overall responsibility for the development of the research area of priority or discipline and makes strategic decisions in regards to them. Expected outputs must be clearly communicated to the Scientific Leadership Group. 

Members of our Steering Group include:
  • Vice-Rector of Research and Dissemination, Kristi G. Bache (manager)
  • Dean Harald Holone, Faculty of Information Technology, Engineering and Economics
  • Vice Dean Research, Kirsti Skovdahl, Faculty for Health, Welfare and Organization
  • Vice Dean Research LUSP, Øyvind Gjems Fjeldbu, Faculty for Teacher Education and Language
  • Vice Dean Research IIØ, Tore Gimse, Faculty for Information Technology, Engineering and Economics
  • Director of Finance, Henrik Biørnstad, Department of Finance and Business Management

Secretaty and facilitator for the Steering group:

Scientific Leadership Group

The Scientific Leadership Group has the responsibility for the academic activities within the research area of priority or discipline, the development of the Digi-research discipline and the interdisciplinary interactions between them. There are two coordinators for each of the four Digi-research disciplines.

Members of our Scientific Leadership Group include:
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