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E-mail in Microsoft 365

All students and staff have an e-mail account associated with their user.

The email-address to use for email is

Multi-factor authentication

All users must activate multi-factor authentication. You need to install the Microsoft Authenticator App on your mobile device in order to be able to read e-mail.

E-mail in Outlook for PC or Mac

We recommend using the latest version of Outlook for PC ( Office 2019 or Office 365 ) and Mac (Office 365 with "New Outlook").

On Employee PCs Microsoft Outlook is setup to automatically find your mailbox.
On private PCs Microsoft Outlook will find your account if you enter your e-mail address. You will be prompted for your password and username ( on the form ).

For PC: If you have Office 2016 installed, and you cannot login to Outlook, you need to install Office 2019. This is done in Programvaresenter.
If you experience getting the login box repeatedly in Outlook, or if Outlook does not want to start after a reboot or two, you need to create a new profile in Outlook.
For Mac: If you get a lot of error messages in Outlook, close Outlook and restart it. After a while, you will be prompted to restart Outlook to access new features, and after that, you will be prompted to log in to Microsoft 365 (in a separate pop-up window).

E-mail in Microsoft 365 on web

Webmail (Outlook on web) is available from with the other apps in Office 365. Login with and your password.

E-mail in Outlook on mobile devices

Use the Microsoft Outlook App downloaded from Google Play Store / App Store, and configure for the first time.

Sending large files - FileSender

If you need to send large files, or executable files that the email client does not allow sending, the FileSender service can be used. There are restrictions on how long the files can be stored, so this is not a permanent storage space.

Distribution lists at Østfold University College

An overview of the various distribution lists at Østfold University College can be found on the website

NB! This website is only available from the College's network at the study site or outside the study site using VPN.

Lifetime for user accounts at HiØ (in Norwegian)

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