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Interviews and recordings of teaching and meetings


Both staff and students may need to do interviews. In this context, it is important to follow the GDPR and privacy guidelines. Sound recording can be done with your own smartphone or with a dictaphone. When using a smartphone, use the dictaphone app and Nettskjema.

Section for Research Administration web page about handling data from transcriptions and film recording (in Norwegian)

Recording of meetings and teaching sessions

In Zoom, Teams og Adobe Connect you can record meetings and teaching sessions.

Read thorough through routines for online teaching (in Norwegian)

Employees may only record meetings in Zoom using their work PC which is managed by HiØ.
Students are basically NOT allowed to record meetings in Zoom.
This is because the recording (audio / video) is considered personal information and cannot be stored on private equipment. (GDPR regulations)
Students who have a special need to record meetings in connection with a master's project / research should contact IT Support, and may be allowed to borrow a HiØ machine that is approved for use for this purpose.

Be aware that there are special requirements that needs to be fullfilled if you are going to record a meeting that is regarded as red data. (Sensitive information).

Recording studio

Both in Halden and Fredrikstad, the Learning Support Center ( Læringsstøttesenteret ) has a recording studio that can be booked by employees from Outlook Calendar. Add the room to your room list in Outlook to easily check if the room is free or busy. For opening hours, information, etc., see the website of the Learning Support Center ( Læringsstøttesenteret ) or contact the Section for Teaching and Learning (PULS).

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