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Printing in Linux

First you need to stop the print service.

Run command:

sudo service cups stop                                                                                                   


Then add the printer to the configuration file for the printing system.

Add the following to printers.conf. (see under)

sudo nano /etc/cups/printers.conf         

<DefaultPrinter UniFLOW_Ps>
UUID urn:uuid:d286e36f-b523-3c9f-5f5b-cc049453fd1f
AuthInfoRequired username,password Info UniFLOW_Ps
MakeModel Generic PostScript Printer
DeviceURI smb://hiof_no/
State Idle
StateTime 1483443960
ConfigTime 1483443938
Type 8400988
Accepting Yes
Shared Yes
JobSheets none none
QuotaPeriod 0
PageLimit 0
KLimit 0
OpPolicy default
ErrorPolicy retry-job


Start cups service

sudo cups start


We recommend using evince for printing text documents.

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