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Skype for Business for employees

What is Skype for Business and what is it used for?

Skype for Business is a collaboration platform that can be used for:

  • telephony
  • online meetings with or without video
    • discuss, work on documents, presentations etc
    • share a program or your screen
  • chat (like in Skype, Messenger etc)
  • remote assistance (like TeamViewer)

All employees have access to Skype for Business on their computer.

When logging into your computer, Skype for Business should start automatically.
If you use Skype for Business on your own computer, you first need to log in with your email address, for example if your name is Peter Robert Jefferson.

Your Outlook calendar manages your availability in Skype for Business, but you override this if you need to. It is important that your Outlook calendar is updated with your activities to prevent others from trying to contact you, for example during a meeting or during teaching.

The only equipment needed for Skype for Business calls is a headset. You can get a headset by contacting IT Services (IT-vakt).

Registration of phone numbers in SAP

Your office phone number and private mobile number must be registered in SAP.

Your Skype for business phone number will be visible overnight on HiØ website and in all HiØ services. Your private mobile number will not be visible, but it needed for the Password Service to work.

Get started with Skype for Business for Windows

Skype for Business is a part of Microsoft Office. f you have Office 2013 or 2016 on your computer, you can upgrade to Version 2019 in the Software Center (Programvaresenter).

When you start your computer for the first time, in most cases, Skype for Buiness will start automatically. If it doesn't, you can search for it by typing Skype for Business in the search field on the taskbar in Windows. Either it logs you directly in, or if it doesn't, you need to enter your login details. Enter your e-mail address at Østfold University College and log in. If you are asked for further login details, enter your username (with @ after) and FEIDE password. Select "Remember account details". 

Once you have logged in, you see your profile picture and your current status. The current status comes from your Outlook calendar.
It is important that you not only manually change presence status in Skype for Business, but also keep your calendar up to date.

First check your settings.

Check that Skype for business starts automatically under Settings - Personlig:

Automatic foreground startup

Check sound settings:

By defualt PC microphone and speakers are set as input and output source.
The disadvantage of running audio via PC, microphone and speakers is that you can experience echoes and that the person you are talking to will hear all the sounds in the room. In other words, there will be a lot of noise in the conversation. Therefore, we recommend that you set up another device and select your headset as the default input and output source.

We recommend that you choose to set both your headset and your PC speakers to ring when you get a call. Under Secondary Ringer, select "Also ring", and then select your PC speakers. This is because it is easier to hear the phone ringing from the machine than from inside the headset.

Also check your video settings.
You can either use the "Integrated Webcam" or a webcam connected to your computer with USB.

If you use the integrated webcam, you must remember to keep your laptop open.

Get started with Skype for Business in Mac OSX

Download Skype for Business for Mac, and install the application.

The first time after installing the program, you must start it manually.

First time setup

  1. Enter your default email address at HiØ. This is the address that appears if you log in to Outlook Web App and click on your name in the top right corner of the screen. The address is usually on the form
    Click "Advanced Settings"

    Oppsett SfB for Mac 01
  2. Enter your username either like this: hiof_no\username or like this: and Save.
    You enter \ by pushing Shift + Alt + 7 on the keyboard

  3. Enter your FEIDE-password and log in

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