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Username and password

You can use our Password Service to to change your present password, to create a new password (if you are either a new student/employee or if you have forgotten your present password), to unlock your account or to find your username.

If you suspect that your account is compromised, you must change your password immediately and contact IT Services (IT-vakt).

All new students and employees are assigned a user account when they come here to study or work for the first time. You receive a SMS when your user account is created. This user account is linked to FEIDE, and allows you to use the same login on almost all of our IT services.

The Password Service

For the Password Service to work, you either need:

  1. Your mobile phone number registrered in Studentweb / SAP Portal 
    ... or ...
  2. Access to Norwegian electronic ID ( BankID, MinID etc )

Employees must register their mobile phone number in SAP Portal under Egne data - Personlig profil - Mobilnummer privat. If you don't have access to SAP Portal, the HR department must register the mobile number for you. You can send them an email at If you have forgotten your password, please contact IT Services (IT-vakt).

Change password

To change your password, go to Password Service and log in with your username and your current password.

Username is written in lower case letters. Example: peterhw 

New user

Go to Password Service and press "New User". Authenticate with either username and mobile phone number, or with Norwegian electronic ID ( BankID, MinID etc ).

Username is written in lower case letters. Example: peterhw

Code by SMS or electronic ID

Forgotten password or locked account

Go to Password Service and press "Forgotten password". Authenticate with either username and mobile phone number, or with Norwegian electronic ID ( BankID, MinID etc ).

Username is written in lower case letters. Example: peterhw 

Code by SMS or electronic ID

When you change your password it may take up to 30 minutes before it works on all our IT services ( like email, canvas, zoom etc ).

When you have changed your password, you must reconnect to the wireless network eduroam with your username and your new password.

Forgotten username

Go to the Password Service and click "Forgotten username". Authenticate with social security number or student number. Social security numbers (11 digits) are written without spaces. Student numbers (6 characters) are written with initial 0's for those who have it.

New student

New students enrolled via StudentWeb receive SMS during the first week of August. Students enrolled via local admissions receive SMS continuously. This can be several days after you have accepted an admission. Once the user account is created, you can create a password in the password service.

See information under your study program for more information about being a new student. You can find your study program by clicking Study programmes in English.

Former student or employee

If you are a former student or employee at Østfold University College, your username is not changed. The user account is disabled until it is reactivated by the Student Administration or HR. When the user account is activated, you must create a password in the Password Service. If you don't remember your username, you find this in the Password Service too.

What is a good password?

Our password service accepts password phrases.

A password phrase is a sentence or a series of words you put together and use in the same way as a regular password.

An indicator will show you how strong your password is as you write. You are not allowed to change your password until the indicator turns green.

  • The new password can't be too similar to a password you've used before
  • The new password can't contain your name or your username
  • If you use an Apple device we recomment that you don't use national letters like ÆØÅæøåÑñ etc in your password.
  • Remember that you must be able to fint all letters on keyboards on all of your devices

Periodic change of passwords

You get an email reminder when it's close to periodic change of your password. If you don't change your password, your user account is locked.

  • Students must change their password at least once every three years
  • Employees must change their password at least once a year

If the password is not changed by the deadline, the user account will be locked and you must use the Password Service to unlock it.

2-factor authentication for Microsoft 365

To get started with 2-factor authentication for Microsoft 365, you will need to have an authenticator app on your phone.

Instructions on how to set up 2-factor authentication

FEIDE login

The FEIDE login only works for as long as you are a student or an employee at Østfold University College.
See information about yourself in FEIDE.

After the final student diploma / grade transcript is sent from the student system, you no longer have an active user account. You have to use electronic ID, such as BankID, to log in to StudentWeb and check your exam results and your student status. If you have questions about study information in StudentWeb, contact Section for Student Services.

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