Students from EU/EEA countries

EU/EEA nationals are entitled to work, study and live in Norway. Those staying in Norway for more than three months must register. Detailed information about the registration scheme for EU/EEA nationals can be found on the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) website:

How the Registration Scheme Works:

  • You must complete the registration no later than three months after your arrival in Norway

  • You only need to register once

  • You must fall into one of the approved categories (student, employee, etc) for the duration of your stay in Norway

  • When you meet the requirements for registering (see requirements below), the police will issue you a registration certificate


  • You have been admitted to an accredited educational institution
  • You are able to financially support yourself and any family members you bring with you to Norway. This can be documented by writing a personal declaration that you have sufficient funds to support yourself.
  • You have private insurance or a European Health Insurance Card

How to Register:

  • Go to How to register as an EU/EEA national
  • Enter the country where you are a citizen and fill in which municipality you will be living in (Halden or Fredrikstad)
  • Complete and print the application form
  • Collect all necessary documentation listed on UDI's website
  • Hand in the application and all documents at Politiets Publikumssenter/Immigration Office in Grålum (Sarpsborg), Rådmann Siras vei 4, 1712 Grålum 
    (International Office can arrange group appointments and will provide information regarding this to incoming students)


Published June 18, 2018 3:47 PM - Last modified Feb. 18, 2020 2:29 PM