Illness on the day of the exam


If you are ill on the day of the exam, you must submit a medical certificate to the exam administration as soon as possible, and one week after the exam date at the latest. If you fail to submit the medical certificate within the deadline, the exam will count as one attempt.

Submit your medical certificate here

Home exams/submissions

Extension of submission deadlines for different types of home exams and practical exams are normally not given. Documented acute illnesses that give grounds for special arrangements may be exceptions to the rule.

Absence from exams

If you do not attend the exam at the stipulated time, you will be registered as ‘did not attend’ the exam, and it will count as one attempt at the exam in question. The same applies if you do not submit a paper (home exam, portfolio assessment, etc.) by the deadline.

Withdrawal from the exam

You have three attempts at an exam in each course. If you need to postpone the exam due to health or academic reasons, you can withdraw from the exam two weeks before the exam date. If you withdraw from the exam less than two weeks before the exam date, it will count as an attempt at the exam.

Registering for resits and rescheduled exams

You are responsible for registering for a resit or rescheduled exam by the stipulated deadlines:

  • 15 September for the exam in the autumn semester
  • 1 March for the exam in the spring semester

Note: The Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Health and Welfare have their own deadlines for registering for the exam.

Faculty of Engineering

For the third year courses that had their ordinary exams in March, the deadline for registering for a resit/rescheduled exam in June is 15 May.
For students on preliminary courses, science courses and bioengineering, the deadline for a resit/rescheduled exam in August is 10 July. 

Faculty of Health and Social Studies

The deadline for registering for a resit/rescheduled exam is three weeks before the relevant exam.

Want to know more?

Read the Regulations governing Examination, Admission to Study and Degrees at Østfold University College

Special exam arrangements

If a disability or an illness means that you have a disadvantage during the exam, you can apply for special exam arrangements.

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