Information about the Corona virus – frequently asked question about exams

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The University College board have decided on temporary regulations regarding examinations, which is applicable for the spring semester 2020. In order to execute scheduled exams, the faculties can change form of assessment, exam date and time, type of grading, deadline for submitting grades and procedures for reporting absence from an exam.

Will exams be held as planned?

For ordinary exams, the following apply:

  • Oral/practical exams that require campus attendance, as well as supervised written exams will not be held this semester. Oral/practical exams may, if possible, be held using Skype, Adobe Connect etc., while supervised written exams will be replaced with other forms of assessment that does not require campus attendance, such as unsupervised home exams and other assignments.
  • The already scheduled examination date will still apply.
  • You will find updated information about your exams on Studentweb.

For re-sit exams, the following apply:

  • The university college will try to hold re-sit exams as planned, but some changes to dates and times may occur.
  • If this happens, candidates will be informed.


I have been granted special examination arrangements. Will there be any changes?

If you have been granted special examination arrangements, such as extended time, this will also apply to the new form of assessment.

When do I get my results?

  • In some cases, the grading deadline will be extended.
  • If this happens, candidates will be informed.

Can I ask for an explanation and appeal the grade?

  • Normal regulations regarding appeals and explanations apply.

Cheating and plagiarism

  • All written submissions will be checked for plagiarism.
  • Familiarize yourself with the guidelines for academic writing and correct referencing techniques.

If I am ill on the day of the examination, where do I report it?

In the spring semester 2020, the university college does not require a doctor’s certificate to register a student’s absence. You must report your absence yourself within one week from the date of the examination. If you do not report your absence within one week, it will count as one examination attempt. You have a total of three attempts per exam.

Report absence from an exam

Who can I contact?


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