Why choose this programme?

In this programme you have the opportunity to specialise in machine learning, interaction design, cyber-physical systems or information systems.

The program is available full-time and part-time (respectively 2 and 4 years). This is the part-time programme. Go to the full-time programme for more information about how to take this study programme over 2 years .

Half of the program consists of lectures and project based work, and the other half entails independent work on a thesis paper. In your master thesis you will specialize on a topic and work on an exciting project together with our researchers and collaborators.

In the beginning of the program, the emphasis is placed on scientific theory, methods and critical thinking. In addition, you will learn how to design technical solutions for people with different needs.

Furthermore, you can choose among the following elective courses:

  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced Topics in Information Systems
  • Modeling of Cyber-Physical Systems

You also have the opportunity to participate in the department´s research projects, as well as to carry out business projects with relevant IT companies.

Study model

4. Semester Elective Master Course 8. Semester ITI40614 - Master's Thesis
3. Semester ITI46318 - Interaction Design 7. Semester ITI40614 - Master's Thesis
2. Semester Elective Master Course 6. Semester ITI40614 - Master's Thesis
1. Semester ITI46518 - Scientific method and theory. 5. Semester ITI40314 - Selected Topics
  15 Credits   15 Credits

See Structure and content for more information about the elective master courses.


Østfold University College’s Makerspace is a workspace,a well-equipped lab with tools, materials, components and kits. This is the University College’s playground for students who like to create something using technology (robotic, programming, drones, 3D-printing, Arduino, MakeyMakey, etc.)

“The purpose of Makerspace is to offer students a physical space and an engaging environment with the aim to learn something new by encouraging curiosity and eagerness”

Dean Harald Holone

Makerspace is also an arena for lectures, courses and experiments, and is available for all students and employees at Østfold University College 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Detail from Makerspace (Photo: Bård Halvorsen, Østfold University College)