Planning your move to Norway

Visa and Work permit

After having been appointed to a position at HiØ, you should apply for a visa and a work permit as soon as possible:

  1. You need to make an appointment online at
  2. You need to make sure you bring the correct documents with you when you go to the Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA).
  3. Most candidates to positions at HiØ will be in the category of skilled worker. Check the documentation requirements based on your country of origin at
  4. The permit you need to stay and work in Norway depends on your country of origin and for how long you are planning to stay.

Find out what residence permit you need and how to apply at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

National ID number

In Norway, you must have a National ID number. You can read more about this on the below link:

If you intend to stay in Norway for more than six months, you must apply for a National ID number. First a D-number will be allocated as a temporarily ID number. Then after 6 months in Norway, you can apply for the Norwegian National ID (person nummer). It is important to know that you must report the move to Norway as soon as possible upon arrival, as it is this date that determines when 6 months has been reached and you can apply for the National ID. It is also important to be aware of that the D- number does not give you the same rights/opportunities as a National ID number as for example; signing a mobile contract, applying for a mortgage, register a car in your name amongst other things. Consequently this is good to consider when you are planning the move and deciding on things like; housing (whether to buy or rent) and where to live (far from work, in close proximity to public transport) etc.


Foundation for student life (SiØ) may have available studios in Halden or Fredrikstad for temporary housing. You can apply online at SiØ Housing (

Main websites for housing in Norway: (in Norwegian.)

More information: Learn more about the Norwegian housing market at EURAXESS (

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