Julianne Cheek fikk pris for fremragende forskning

Publisert: 04.12.2017 09:45 av Nina Skajaa Fredheim

– It is a great honour and privilege to receive this award, says professor Julianne Cheek at Ostfold University College.


Julianne Cheek takker for prisen for Fremragende forskning som ble delt ut under høgskolens julebord 1. desember. Foto: Bård Halvorsen/HiØ.

– Working with a very talented and supportive group of colleagues in the section of masters in organisation and leadership, in the department of economy, language and social studies (ØSS) over the past few years has enabled me to focus on my research in what at times has been a demanding and rapidly changing context. I thank them very much for their support, intellectual engagement and flexibility in enabling me to do this, says Cheek.

– Feeling supported to travel internationally, build and maintain my research presence within international networks, and get my work (and fly the flag for ØSS and HiØ) in the international arena has been a key factor in enabling me to produce the research I have, she says.

– Equally, so has the generosity of time and sharing of ideas from more local areas such as the public health section at the Østfold fylke and also NAV, and institutions such as Karlstad university and U West. Meeting thoughtful and inspiring innovators locally in Østfold and Sweden has led to many good ideas and innovations including the thrill of having members of the public health section attend our research classes and contribute to them!

Cheek say further that it has been a wonderful privilege to be in a position to assist others to develop their research and encourage them to put their work out there and test it in the international and national contexts. They are now doing it and doing it really well. Early career development remains a passion and interest for her and is a very important footprint that she would like to make, and eventually leave, in ØSS and HiØ more widely.

– Finally thank you to those in ØSS management who nominated me for this award and made me believe that I might be worthy of applying. Rita Duesund was particularly central to this.

De tre nominerte var til prisen var:

Komitéen som vurderte de nominerte mener at alle tre er gode kandidater til prisen for fremragende forskning. De er alle aktive forskere med en internasjonalt synlig publiseringsprofil og de har bidratt til å stimulere til forskning i sine miljøer ved høyskolen.

I sum mener komitéen at Julianne Cheek er den kandidaten som best fyller bredden av de kvalifikasjonskriterier som legges til grunn for prisen.

Komitéen vil spesielt peke på at det i kriteriene understrekes at der kandidater stilles likt ut fra en faglig vurdering, skal det legges avgjørende vekt på kandidatenes innsats for å bygge opp eller styrke sine fagmiljøer. Komiteen finner det dokumentert at Cheek er den kandidaten med mest omfattende innsats på dette området. Hele vurderingen finner du HER.