Seven Ph.D. positions relevant for “The Digital Society”

The 23 applications received at the end of last year have been evaluated and it has been  decided to support 7 PhD positions relevant for “The Digital Society”. Decision letters have now been sent to all applicants together with the external project evaluations.  

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The decisions have been made in a strategic perspective, which includes our existing study programme portfolio, interdisciplinary potential, relevance to the planned Ph.D-program “The Digital Society”, appropriate experience of the academic community and delivered evaluation reports by the appointed committees. The Fig. 1 is showing the allocation of the PhD positions.

Figure 1. Allocation of the PhD positions that will receive funding from the ØUC.

All seven project leaders that have received funding for a PhD position have also been asked to deliver additional clarifications regarding their projects. Public call for new PhD positions will be announced through a common job advertisement in order to emphasize the intention that these ph.d.-students will belong to an interdisciplinary community at ØUC.

The following projects have been awarded funding:

Professor Marit Helgesen (HV)

Project title: Digitalisering og samarbeidsprosesser i kommuner. Nye betingelser for bruk og utvikling av det profesjonelle kunnskapsgrunnlaget (DigiProff)

Professor Ricardo Colomo-Palacios (IT)

Project title: Blockchain-oriented requirements engineering in digitalization initiatives: a framework

Associate professor Joakim Karlsen (IT)

Project title: Virtuelle simuleringer som støtte for samarbeid om tidskritiske og sikkerhetskritiske oppgaver på sykehus

Professor Hilde Wågsås Afdal (LU)  

Project title: Digital policy in educational practice:  The cases of Norwegian primary education and teacher education

Associate professor Irina Engeness (LU)      

Project title: Learning and Teaching in the ICTPED MOOC Offered at Østfold University College: Implications for Design and Further Developments

Professor Julianne Cheek (ØSS)

Project title: Digitalisation, organisations and people: Issues and Challenges. Exploring the digitalisation imperative in Higher Education Institutions in Norway

Professor Ivar Jonsson (ØSS)

Project title: The Interplay between Technology and Societal Change: Politics and Policy Formation


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