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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Andersen, Fredrik Associate Professor +4769608806 +4795032976
Picture of Kirsti Lauvli Andersen Andersen, Kirsti Lauvli Vice-Dean +4769608693
Andreassen, Hilde Marie Assistant Professor +4769608694
Picture of Camilla Anker-Hansen Anker-Hansen, Camilla Assistant Professor +4769608624 +4746614494
Antonsen, Eva Bjørg Associate Professor +4769608775 +4793815805
Arnesen, Trine Associate Professor +4769608757
Arntsen, Marian Bringa Adviser +4769608669 +4795277112
Picture of Petter André Høntorp Arvesen Arvesen, Petter André Høntorp Assistant Professor +4769608815
Asmyhr, Morten Associate Professor +4769608854
Bastøe, Liv Karin Halvorsen Associate Professor +4769608841
Bekkhus, Egil Associate Professor +4769608828 +4791169261
Bjerke, Linde Martine Selfors Assistant Professor +4769608629
Picture of Catharina Bjørkquist Bjørkquist, Catharina Associate Professor +4769608827 +4792048520
Picture of Gudrun Brottveit Brottveit, Gudrun Professor +4769608848
Brynhildsen, Siri Ellen Adelaide Assistant Professor +4769608695
Picture of Camilla Buzzi Buzzi, Camilla Associate Professor +4769608813 +4793609202
Bååth, Carina Barbro Professor +4769608731
Carmesund, Ulf Arvid Associate Professor +4769608905
Dahl, Ulf Peter Associate Professor
Picture of Lilliana Andrea Del Busso Del Busso, Lilliana Andrea Professor +4769608826