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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Ekman, Gerd Anna-Stina Assistant Professor +4769608769
Picture of Pål Ellingsen Ellingsen, Pål Associate Professor +4769608892
Eriksson, Rikard Olof Professor +4769608786
Fagerli, Liv Berit Associate Professor +4769608696 +4790993058
Picture of Ingrid Femdal Femdal, Ingrid Assistant Professor +4769608697
Fineide, Mona Jerndahl Associate Professor +4769608808
Picture of Nina Fladeby Fladeby, Nina Assistant Professor +4769608760 +4792492939
Foss, Espen Marius Associate Professor +4769608665 +4792438373
Fugletveit, Ragnhild Associate Professor +4769608818
Gerdts-Andresen, Tina Assistant Professor +4769608910 +4790694975
Gjellebæk, Camilla Assistant Professor +4769608842
Glømmen, Anne Margrethe Head of Studies / Programme Coordinator +4769608781 98626294
Picture of Sjur Granmo Granmo, Sjur Assistant Professor +4769608799 Procrastination, behavior, learning
Gregersen, Anne-Grethe Assistant Professor +4769608765 +4748052511
Picture of Vigdis Abrahamsen Grøndahl Grøndahl, Vigdis Abrahamsen Professor +4769608698 +4793052634 Nursing, healthcare service quality, quantitative methods, person-centered work, person-centered care, municipal health services, specialist health services, chronically ill
Picture of Heidi Kristine Grønlien Grønlien, Heidi Kristine Associate Professor +4769608846 +4795922021
Grønneberg, Siv Vea Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608783
Graarud, Helén Assistant Professor +4769608835 +4792094008
Hagen, Laila Garberg Associate Professor +4769608874
Halstensen, Thor-David Assistant Professor +4769608832 +4741330765