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Picture of Hanna Marie Ihlebæk Ihlebæk, Hanna Marie Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608880 +4741560926 professions, professionalism, knowledge, work, nursing, social anthropology, qualitative methods
Ilyas, Anam Doctoral Research Fellow
Jensen, Øystein Associate Professor +4769608836 +4747656482
Johannessen, Hege Hølmo Associate Professor +4769608713
Johansen, Ann-Kristin Assistant Professor +4769608798
Johansen, Ingunn Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608755
Kaland, Eva-Linn Misje Assistant Professor +4769608865
Karadaki, Hoger Amin Assistant Professor +4769608792
Picture of Jörg Werner Kirchhoff Kirchhoff, Jörg Werner Professor +4769608699
Picture of Minela Kvakic Kvakic, Minela Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608623
Leonardsen, Ann-Chatrin Linqvist Associate Professor +4769608644
Lepp, Margret Professor +4769608890
Picture of Hadi Strømmen Lile Lile, Hadi Strømmen Associate Professor +4769608768 +4791592963
Lyberg, Egil Assistant Professor +4769608793 +4795064241
Løken, Therese Dwyer Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608881 +4792062944
Løkke, Jon Arne Professor +4769608816 +4797602254
Picture of Stine Eileen Torp Løkkeberg Løkkeberg, Stine Eileen Torp Associate Professor +4769608795 Medical communication, self-critical emotions, death and dying, domestic violence, Sexual abuse
Picture of Therese Fostervold Mathisen Mathisen, Therese Fostervold Associate Professor +4769608710 chronically ill, Nursing, PhD, research
Megrund, Kari Assistant Professor +4769608812
Mikaelsen, Finn Gunnar Assistant Professor +4769608843