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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Nilsen, Sigurd Roger Associate Professor +4769608766
Nygaard, Anne Mette Assistant Professor +4769608820
Picture of Vivian Nystrøm Nystrøm, Vivian Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608727
Olsen, Brita Fosser Associate Professor +4799165586
Pettersen, Kaare Torgny Professor +4769608814 +4795244223
Ramsdal, Helge Normann Professor Emeritus +4795068522 +4795068522
Picture of Øystein Ringstad Ringstad, Øystein Associate Professor +4769608844 Medicine and health care
Rummelhoff, Guri Kirsten Rosseland Associate Professor +4769608702 +4797798099
Runhovde, Gerd Assistant Professor +4769608681
Picture of Rannveig Røste Røste, Rannveig Associate Professor +4769608720 +4745166220
Samuelsen, Finn Associate Professor +4769608801
Skafle, Ingjerd Assistant Professor +4769608654
Skaug, Eli-Anne Head of Studies / Programme Coordinator +4769608824
Skjerve, Petter University College Teacher +4769608703
Slang, Renate Assistant Professor +4769608667
Picture of Marina Snipsøyr Sletten Sletten, Marina Snipsøyr Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608884
Picture of Anna Lydia Svalastog Svalastog, Anna Lydia Professor +4769608819 +4740643549
Sæthern, Beate Brevik Assistant Professor +4769608785 +4797119398
Sørhaug, Christian Associate Professor +4769608772
Sørlie, Anniken Associate Professor +4769608633