Declaration of secrecy

Students at Østfold University College are obliged to observe secrecy pursuant to Section 4-6 of Act No 15 of 1 April 2005 relating to Universities and University Colleges. The students are obliged to sign a declaration of secrecy to confirm that they are aware of the duty of secrecy and what it entails.

Section 4-6. Obligation of students to observe secrecy A student who in connection with his or her studies becomes acquainted with anyone’s personal circumstances is obliged to observe secrecy according to the rules that apply to professional practitioners in the vocation concerned. The institution shall draw up a declaration of secrecy which must be signed by the students to whom this applies. (*)The institution shall draw up a declaration of secrecy which must be signed by the students to whom this applies.

(*) See, e.g., the Public Administration Act Sections 13–13e, the Health and Care Services Act Section 12-1, the Child Welfare Act Section 6-7, the Specialised Health Services Act Section 6-1 and the Health Personnel Act Chapter 5, Sections 21–29; cf. the same act Section 3(3), the Education Act Section 15-1, the Kindergarten Act Section 20, the Act relating to Family Counselling Section 5, the Labour and Welfare Administration Act Section 7, and the Act relating to Social Services Section 44.
Breaches of the duty of secrecy are punishable under the General Civil Penal Code Sections 209 and 210, and gross breaches of the duty of secrecy may also be punished by exclusion from studies for a period of up to three years, cf. the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges Section 4-8(2).

Section 4-8. Exclusion
2. A student who has behaved in such a seriously censurable manner as to endanger the life or health of patients, clients, children attending a day care institution, pupils or others with whom the student comes into contact in connection with clinical or practical training or who in relation to such persons commits serious breaches of the obligation to observe secrecy or behaves with gross indecency, may, if the board itself or the institution’s appeals committee, cf. section 5-1, so decides, be excluded from attending courses for up to three years. The institution shall inform the Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Welfare of any exclusion pursuant to this provision of students attending courses that may result in a right of authorisation pursuant to section 48, first paragraph, of the Health Personnel Act.

Enterprises and institutions that provide practical training placements for the university college’s students may require a written declaration confirming that the student is familiar with and will observe the applicable rules concerning secrecy, cf. the Public Administration Act Section 13c.
In connection with student work, personal data must always be obtained, stored, processed and published in compliance with Act No 31 of 14 April 2000 relating to the Processing of Personal Data and/or Act No 43 of 20 June 2014 relating to Personal Health Data Filing Systems and the Processing of Personal Health Data and pertaining regulations. Students must comply with the rules concerning the duty to give notification to or obtain a licence from NSD – Norwegian Centre for Research Data for research and student projects.

The duty of secrecy continues to apply without limitation after students complete their education.

By my signature, I, the undersigned, confirm that I am familiar with and understand the duty of secrecy and the responsibility that it entails for me as a student.

This declaration of secrecy is signed electronically via Studentweb.

Published July 31, 2018 12:40 PM - Last modified July 31, 2018 12:40 PM