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Metorship within education and professions

About the research group

The research group «Mentorship in education and profession» is an interprofessional research group, across institutes and faculties focusing on mentorship within professions.  

We collaborate with other universities and university colleges through various academic networks, collaborative projects and through censorship. We intend to establish new collaboration arenas and collaborate with other research groups.


The overall aim is to

  • to gather and strengthen the academic environment and research within professional mentorship at Østfold University College, across levels (bachelor, master and PhD) disciplines, institutes and faculties
  • to develop research collaborations with colleges at national as well as international universities on mentorship within education and professions
  • to develop and explore theoretical and empirical approaches to interprofessional mentorship
  • to contribute with research on professional mentorship that provides and strengthen research-based education

Publication, dissemination and communication with the public

Our research results will be published in national as well as international journals. Dissemination takes place through scientific and popular science conferences and meetings and through articles and interaction with the public.


Tags: education and professions, collaboration, Østfold University College
Published Feb. 1, 2021 1:43 PM - Last modified June 14, 2021 10:21 AM