Person-centred healthcare and the digital society (PADS)

Person-centred healthcare and the digital society are key to developing the health services of the future within the municipal and specialist health sectors.

About the research group

The origins of the PADS research group can be traced back to the Norwegian Forum for Health Service Research, which was set up in 2013. The research group stems from the nursing course administrators’ planning and launch of the master’s course in advanced nursing regarding chronic conditions.

The focus of the research has shifted towards person-centred healthcare, and since 2015 the research has also centred on the impact of health technology and digitalised solutions on patient-perceived quality and the work of health personnel. Person-centred healthcare and the digital society are key themes in the new guidelines for bachelor level health and welfare courses which were introduced in autumn 2020. Person-centred healthcare and the digital society are also pivotal to many of the faculty’s master’s courses and form part of the faculty’s general research strategy which will underpin the university college’s PhD initiative: The Digital Society. Person-centred healthcare and the digital society are key to developing the health services of the future within the municipal and specialist health sectors.


PADS aims to contribute to the establishment of high-quality, forward-looking health services, where individuals take responsibility for their own health, treatment and care. The research group aims to ensure that research is both practice-oriented and carried out with, about and for healthcare users, whether it be patients, relatives or health personnel. The research primarily relates to health services for patients with complex long-term conditions.

PADS strives to involve health and welfare students at bachelor and master levels in its research projects. PADS also seeks to attract scholarships by applying for external funding from the Research Council of Norway, the Norwegian ExtraFoundation for Health and Rehabilitation and others. 

PADS works actively to raise the level of competence amongst patients, relatives, health personnel and research group members.

The research will be conducted from a micro, meso and macro perspective. A focus is placed on:

  • Person-centred healthcare as a cornerstone for high-quality health services, including intervention studies, randomised controlled trials (RCT) and instrument development.
  • Introduction and experience of digital solutions and their interaction in different situations and contexts from the perspective of patients, relatives and health personnel.
  • Clinical assessment competence.
  • Empowerment of patients and relatives through the introduction of person-centred healthcare and digital solutions.
  • Organisational circumstances which impact on person-centred healthcare and/or the introduction of digital solutions.
  • The courses’ educational orientation in order to promote the development of expertise relating to person-centred healthcare.


Publication, dissemination and communication with the public

Publication and dissemination of research results are a high priority amongst the group’s members to ensure that the results benefit healthcare users. Research articles are published in national and international journals. Dissemination takes place through scientific and popular science conferences and meetings and through articles and interaction with the public.


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