Ongoing project

Russia - LETI

A student action based teaching and research collaboration in conceptualizing of mechatronics and robotics green applications  

The project supported by DIKU DIKU is the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (DIKU, previous name SIU) is a Norwegian public sector agency that promotes international cooperation at all levels of education.

See project presentation here.

The project Russian partner is St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"

Action 2021

We still have some project actions after the international student project in 2020. From March to end of June 2021, we have regularly online zoom based coaching meetings with 3 LETI students for continually preparing and simulation results testing for outcomes from the international student research project in 2020.

We work on these outcomes for an article manuscript and plan to be finished in 2021.

Action 2020

Three 3 LETI students adapted the original exchange plan partly into an online distance solution – April 2020

4 OUC students visited LETI January - February 2020

A joint workshop organized by LETI partner on February 19th, 2020.

Action 2019

WP1 Aproject start up meeting at OUC

An international student based academic workshop 18 June, 2019

Expected results relevant to project operation in student mobility (work package WP)

WP1 (2019): 1 OUC student 3 days
WP2 (2019): 1 LETI student 3 days
WP3 (2020): 2 OUC students to LETI summer school 3 weeks
WP4 (2020): 2 LETI master preferably to OUC 3 months

All staff and teachers must target on and assist to these operations.

The project actions, reports and progress are presenting continually here:

The project has an overall goal:
Generating and increasing real student mobility for both sides.

The operative goal of the project is finding a best match for student mobility for both side, in term of duration, study disciplines and course or student project organizing so we identify and try out the best option for the student mobility between LETI and OUC.

Expected academic exchanges:
Guest lectures by both sides related, but not limited to the topics of developing and testing a stepper motor or brushless DC used as generator.
Lectures and discussions on joint a mechatronic assignment that combines LETI high competence in electricity and OUC practical approaches in mechanical engineering majors.

Expected academic exchanges will be guest lectures given by LETI and OUC involved teachers during their mutual visits and generating more student projects contributing to the topic conceptualizing and further testing.

Main activities focus on student mobility:
The project will find the best options for student mobility, starts as very short term in one week, led by home institution teachers, than short term one month or summer school, and long term as a semester or three months options through the project.

Further expected results and benefits
Activating student mobility short or long term. Engaging mobility students into OUC student research projects contributing LETI and OUC research collaboration.

Sustainable impact
Through the project, we expect a sustainable impact so we establish the firmly network between LETI and OUC academic staff members for further or other research collaborations.
Using positive student mobility cases and visiting reports to promote LETI and OUC for more targeting student groups and generating more student mobility.
The project is collaboration between Østfold University College and St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI.

More information comes,......

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