4 OUC students visited LETI January - February 2020

WP3 action: Short-term stay up to 4 weeks. 4 selected OUC students visit LETI and attending LETI winter school program courses 4 ECTS, combined with assigned student project tasks. Archived goal: Completed LEIT Winter School ECTS courses.  

The students conducted student projects assigned by LETI and OUC colleagues jointly.

The project contains topics from different academic disciplines and three OUC students conducted student projects and summarized their projects here:

The students also wrote their traveling reports and sharing their experiences with readers, and here are some their citations attached with own reports:

"Saint Petersburg is a huge city with a lot to offer!"

"This exchange in Russia was an absolute success for me personally. This is because I learned a lot about Russian culture and other things that I did not know about before the stay."

"It was interesting to learn about Russian culture and
how to do business in Russia."

"I have experienced a really deep “drenching” into the east-European
culture, and I was quite happy about what I have found out in the first-hand experience."

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