A joint workshop organized by LETI partner on February 19, 2020.

These are topics or parts the students presented during the workshop

Vladislav Kruzhkov (LETI): Introduction, why is regenerative braking interesting and an example of its use - eDumper Switzerland machine.

Marcus Berthinussen (OUC): Theory about induction machines (asynchronous motor), about its way of working, structure, and advantages.

Kirill Kononov (LETI): Basic theory about frequency converters, namely frequency converters with intermediate circuits, its topology and about Sinamics Starter software.

Alexander Suslikov (LETI): Regenerative braking experiments with the asynchronous generator (induction machine) we've done: the behavior of asynchronous motor at 3 times rated speed for further experiments at very high speeds; regenerative braking to the braking resistor; various types of motors as the motor (asynchronous, synchronous, DC motor).

Jørgen Alfredsen and Fride Amundsen (OUC)

A student project placed at LETI-Faculty of Economics and Management – network developing and presenting of Tourism business in Norway – actions and cases.

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