Three 3 LETI students adapted their exchange plan online

Since early April, three 3 LETI students adapted their exchange plan into distance student project work, coached joint by OUC and LETI colleagues. There has been weekly meetings through Zoom online platform for task assignments, lab simulation issues and thematic discussions.

This works well so far and thanks for the motivated and engaged LETI students and supportive LETI colleagues.  There has been successfully conducted coach meetings weekly, each with meeting minutes, weekly progress presentation, and added culture element with presenting of a Russian city, where an individual student stays at his hometown.

Revised work plan and timeline

Three 3 LETI students will continue to work on the same student project with same or modified (to suiting for distance learning) topics, but remote online and coached jointly by OUC and LETI colleagues.

Three 3 LETI students conduct an online student project, scheduled middle of April estimated until middle of July, and submit one joint student research report to assigned tasks.

Three 3 LETI students will join the OUC annual student project presentation – EXPO event digitally, with project ID and title in B20INT01: Simulation and construction of an induction machine (generator) for high RPM. The whole EXPO event will be digital presentations due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The three students present their current project outcomes then continue the project after EXPO until middle of July for finalizing the student project.

The project plans and confirms three 3 LETI students to visit Norway within 2020 for a short period for summarizing the student projects. The detailed period is determined according to traveling restrictions.


The original plan for Three 3 LETI students:

March 20 – June 17, 2020

Three 3 LETI students at master program level arrival at OUC.

Attending OUC course: Field Research for International Students (10 ECTS, course ID: IREXC30018) confirmed, but canceled lately due to CV-19 outbreak.

Conducting student research project: International student research project (20 ECTS, course ID: IREXC10018), coached by OUC colleagues, confirmed

Assigned task titles:

1: Simulation and construction of an induction machine (generator) for high RPM

2: Simulation and construction of an inverter for high RPM induction machines

3: Theoretical study of possible benefits and high RPM generators


We also plan to encourage the students to write research articles on their research and testing outcomes. OUC colleagues provide coach and necessary supports for writing process.

Published Apr. 28, 2020 5:59 PM - Last modified Nov. 3, 2021 9:42 AM