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Interaction Design

Interaction design is about designing and developing the technological solutions of the future, for utility, communication and experiences. The field focuses on how technology will be used in interaction between people in different situations and contexts. The department has a good publishing history in this field, with research on games, learning, collaboration, health, energy and media applications. The department has two PhD students who work with issues in interaction design, and several professionals with this as the main research area. Based on this research, we have established a portfolio of 7 courses, both at bachelor and master's level, which are included in several of our programs. The group is responsible for the operation and development of the department's Makerspace with the support of a technical position at the department.


Joakim Karlsen (group leader)    (+47) 908 40 400

Joakim Karlsen is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Computer Sciences, Østfold University College where he teaches media production, communication design and interaction design. He researches emerging media production practices for online- and mobile media platforms, and has recently conducted studies on computational journalism in newsrooms, independent transmedia documentary production and hackathons organized for media workers to learn more about digital making. From 1994 to 2000 he worked with documentary film and video production as director and editor, and several of the films he has worked on has been screened on national television in Norway.

Georgios Marentakis   (+47) 696 08 398

Georgios Marentakis is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Computer Sciences, Østfold University College. He teaches courses related human computer interaction, sound and music computing, and software development.  He researches emerging applications of sound in human computer interaction, auditory augmented reality, and  sonic interaction design. He is part of the human computer interaction, as well as acoustics, psychoacoustics, and audio signal processing research communities and publishes in related conferences and journals.

Susanne Stigberg   (+46) 70-9271-978 

Susanne Stigberg is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Computer Science. Her research interest is in interaction design. Using a human-centered perspective and a participatory methodology she explores how we can interact with technology beyond the desktop paradigm. Furthermore, she is involved in several interdisciplinary projects that create and study technology-based learning experiences. As a computer scientist and interaction designer, she takes a cautious but optimistic stance towards technology in a process that tightly couples research and design. Susanne has been course responsible and supervisor student projects on both Bachelor and Master level.

Marius Akerbæk  (+47) 69 60 84 99

Marius Akerbæk works as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Computer Sciences at Østfold University College. He has a master’s degree in applied computer science focusing on user experience and visual communication on the Internet, and have followed that path since graduating from Østfold University College. Working with design and communication strategies alongside developing web applications in different communication agencies, he established a focus on communication as interaction.The design focus combined with the technical IT education and a passion for teaching has led to a research project about teaching programming as a tool to express, create and communicate, and empower media workers to take the opportunities the digitalization of the media world offers.

Vigdis Holen  (+47) 69 60 82 80  (+47) 979 10313

Professor (design and interactive media) Faculty of Computer Sciences, Østfold University College.

Lives in Sweden, works in Norway (b.1954).  Vigdis Holen is educated researcher and fine artist with more than 20 solo exhibitions / international art projects behind her, and 26 yrs of teaching practice. Main artistic interests and research areas: Vigdis focus on creative methodology, art, and information flow between digital and lived worlds. Her work involves a range of materials: sculptural media installation, photography, painting, texts and illustrations as digital artists’ books and graphic art.

Gunnar Misund

Gunnar Misund works as an associate professor at Faculty of Computer Sciences, Østfold University College, Halden, Norway. He was former a senior research scientist at SINTEF Applied Mathematics, Oslo, Norway, working with 2D and 3D geospatial applications, often combined with decision support systems. However, his firs career was as a photographer in Ulefoss, Norway. Currently, his main job interests are research, development, and teaching in the the field of mobile applications, in particular location based services and user collaboration.

Klaudia Carcani  (+47) 69 60 82 76Has a major in Business Informatics with a further specialisation through master studies in Information System in Business Development and Operational Research in Management. Have been working in different companies in designing new innovative and customised IT solution for different contexts such as logistic systems, customer care systems, geographical information systems and project management systems. Current research interest is the design of healthcare technologies with a focus on the rehabilitation process of patients facing acquired brain injuries in a joint research initiative with Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital. Research interest especially in Participatory Design, Computer Supported Collaborative Work and Human-Computer Interaction​.

Tina Helene Bunæs  (+47) 928 52 043

Tina Helene Bunæs has a master degree in Applied Computer Science in the Faculty of Computer Sciences at Østfold University College. With a focus on clinical virtual worlds, her thesis  investigated how virtual environments and serious games can work as articulation systems supporting collaborative work and clinical work practice.


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