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Picture of Gunnar Andersson Andersson, Gunnar Associate Professor +4769608711 +4792858976
Arntsen, Even Associate Professor
Picture of Yonas Zewdu Ayele Ayele, Yonas Zewdu Associate Professor +4769608898
Berg, Egil Assistant Professor +4769608714 +4795756124
Picture of Daniela Blauhut Blauhut, Daniela Associate Professor +4769608715 +4794484713
Borg, Anne-Margrethe University College Teacher
Breivik, Gerd Heieren Assistant Professor 997 06 354
Bui, Tri Quang Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608682
Cao, Maria Dung Associate Professor +4769608741
Dahl, Mette Lundstrøm External Affiliation +4791122163
Picture of Kamil Mustafa Dursun Dursun, Kamil Mustafa Professor +4769608805
Eeg, Inge Richard Associate Professor +4769608778
Fossen, Wenke Elisabeth Assistant Professor +4769608721
Freitas, Jeovan Faleiro De Associate Professor +4769608742
Førrisdahl, Ole Kristian Associate Professor +4769608722
Granerud, Beathe Kiland Assistant Professor +4769608864
Gulbrandsen, Kjetil Novang External Affiliation +4769608853
Halvorsen, Catherine Kjølberg Assistant Professor +4769608709
Hansen, Svein Olav Assistant Professor +4769608748
Hauge, Bjørn Gitle Assistant Professor +4769608779