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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Frode Ramstad Johansen Johansen, Frode Ramstad Associate Professor +4769608672 +4793030885 Innovation, innovation processes, change processes, digitalization, project management
Johansen, Åge Torbjørn Assistant Professor
Picture of Anna-Lena Kjøniksen Kjøniksen, Anna-Lena Professor +4769608729 +4791991942
Kro, Tore August Associate Professor +4769608730 +4790022321
Picture of Anette Christensen Lie-Jensen Lie-Jensen, Anette Christensen Assistant Professor +4769608628
Picture of Matthew Patrick James Lynch Lynch, Matthew Patrick James Associate Professor +4769608680 +4795366830
Picture of Nicolae Lucian Mihet Mihet, Nicolae Lucian Professor +4769608756
Moen, Lisa Marie Assistant Professor +4769608622
Mordt, Helge Eduard Associate Professor +4769608733
Picture of Per Erik Skogh Nilsen Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh Assistant Professor +4769608735 Quantum mechanics, Particle Physics, CERN, Physics, Physics Education Research, History, Scientific Theory, Scientific Philosophy
Picture of Reidar Johannes Nordby Nordby, Reidar Johannes Assistant Professor +4769608736 +4790530571
Picture of Shima Pilehvar Pilehvar, Shima Associate Professor +4769608679
Ryne, Kent Gunnar Assistant Professor +4769608737
Picture of Geir Helge Sandsmark Sandsmark, Geir Helge Associate Professor +4769608638
Sjursnes, Birte Johanne Associate Professor +4769608738 +4747262307
Storbakk, Norunn Konstanse Associate Professor +4769608739
Syversen, Linda Assistant Professor +4769608909
Thoresen, Ole Kristian Assistant Professor +4769608732
Picture of Mikjel Thorsrud Thorsrud, Mikjel Associate Professor +4769608740
Picture of June Merete Solberg Tolsby Tolsby, June Merete Solberg Associate Professor +4769608676 Product and Service Development, Teamwork, Knowledge production and Agile Development