Beathe Kiland Granerud

Faculty of Engineering
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Assistant Professor
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Academic interests

Medical microbiology (especially bacteriology), antibiotic resistance, Maldi-TOF, immunology, biomedical analysis, interdisciplinarity, ethics, communication and interaction, didactics in biomedical education.

Courses taught


Bachelor in Biomedical Science (180 ECTS). University College of Bergen (now University College of Vestlandet) 2003. Bachelor thesis: "TGF beta 1's effects on the promoter region of cystatin C gene and mapping of the transcription initiation site for cystatin F mRNA".


MSc i nature- enviroment- health protection (120 ECTS). University College of Telemark (now University of South-East Norway), 2008. Master courses in medical and applied microbiology, genetics, biotechnology and bioinformatics. Master thesis: "Transferable antibiotic resistance in Eschericia coli".


Post Graduate Certificate in Education (60 ECTS). University of South-East Norway. 2018. Focus on didactics of science.


Positions held

Previously worked at Haukeland University Hospital (biomedical scientist, clinical chemistry), Telemark hospital trust (biomedical scientist, clinical chemistry), Vestfold hospital trust (biomedical scientist, clinical chemistry), Oslo University Hospital Ullevål (biomedical scientist, microbiology), University of Oslo/Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet (staff engineer, research and teaching medical microbiology) and Norwegian Institute of Public Health (head engineer and senior engineer, preparedness against bioterror agents and research in immunology).


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  • Bratlie, Diane Lynn Bryant; Ihle, Øistein; Langerud, Beathe Kiland & Michaelsen, Terje Einar (2011). Innate Immune Receptors-Fusion Proteins as Tools for Interaction Studies with Pectic Carbohydrates Isolated from Malian Medicinal Plants. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology.  ISSN 0300-9475.  73(4), s 361- 361
  • Langerud, Beathe Kiland; Inngjerdingen, Kari Tvete; Rasmussen, Henrik; Olsen, Trude Karin; Austarheim, Ingvild; Aaberge, Ingeborg Sundsvalen; Diallo, Drissa; Paulsen, Berit Smestad & Michaelsen, Terje Einar (2011). Pectic Polysaccharides Isolated from Malian Medicinal Plants can Prevent Bacteraemia and Clinical Symptoms in a Mouse Pneumococcal Infection Model. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology.  ISSN 0300-9475.  73(4), s 390- 390
  • Michaelsen, Terje Einar; Emilsen, S; Sandlie, I; Bratlie, Diane Lynn Bryant; Langerud, Beathe Kiland & Ihle, Øistein (2009). Human secretory IgM and serum IgM can activate complement equally well.

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