Mikjel Thorsrud

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Academic interests

Theoretical physics and cosmology with focus on gravitation, including general relativity and modified gravity. My research can be found at InspirearXiv or Orcid. My reviews are tracked at Publons.

Current teaching:


  • PhD in Cosmology, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (University of Oslo), 2014.
    Thesis title: Cosmologies with Gauge Vector Interactions.
  • Master in theoretical physics, University of Oslo, 2010.



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  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2019). Gravitasjon på skrivebordet.
  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2018). Shear-Free Cosmological Solutions And Their Stability.
  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2015). Horndeski’s Vector-Tensor Theory. Show summary
  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2014). Cosmologies with Gauge Vector Interactions. Series of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo.. 1533.
  • Urban, Federico; Mota, David & Thorsrud, Mikjel (2014). Bubble observers in Bubbland [ARISF, Paris, pp. 255-258 (2014)].
  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2013). Cosmologies in Horndeski's vector-tensor theory. Show summary
  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2013). Inflation with vector interactions. Show summary
  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2013). Infrared corrections to the primordial power spectrum in the f2(φ)F2 mechanism.
  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2012). Doubly Coupled Quintessence. Show summary
  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2012). Dynamical System Approach to Non-minimal Matter Couplings.
  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2012). Quintessence with Kaluza-Klein type couplings to matter and an isotropy-violating vector field. Show summary
  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2011). Inflation with Stable Anisotropic Hair.
  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2011). Stability of Anisotropic Inflation.
  • Thorsrud, Mikjel (2010). Post-Newtonian methods and the gravito-electromagnetic analogy.

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