Per Erik Skogh Nilsen

Faculty of Engineering
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Assistant Professor
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Academic  interests

Physics, Physics Education Research, Digitilized Teaching, Roman History




4-month Preparatory Physics:

Scientific Theory



Physicist from Universitey of Oslo and University of Bergen.
Field: Experimental Particle Physics
Member of the two-photon group in DELPHI at LEP on CERN.
List of Publications

Taught at the Faculty of Engineering, University College of Østfold since the fall of 2000.
While there:
Subjects taught: 10 months Preparatory Physics, 3 months Preparatory Physics, 4 months Preparatory Physics, Engineering Physics, Electromagnetism, 3. year Physics, 10 months Preparatory Mathematics, 3 months Preparatory Mathematics, Technology
Subjects sensored: 10 months Preparatory Physics, 4 months Preparatory Physics, 3 months Preparatory Physics, 10 months Preparatory Mathematics, 3 months Preparatory Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Electromagnetism, Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Mathematics 3, Mathematical Methods(master), Innovation Mathematics


ca. 255 cr. Physics University of Oslo, CERN
87 cr. mathematics University of Oslo
60 cr. Practical Education, University College of Østfold
90  cr. Historiy University of Oslo,
120 cr. Economics, University of Oslo.
ca.140 cr. misc. University of Oslo, University College of Telemark. University College of Østfold  


Secondary spokesperson in the local club for Forskerforbundet at the Faculty of Engineering 

Coordinator for  Canvas at the Faculty of Engineering at University College of Østfold 

Research groups

Tags: Quantum mechanics, Particle Physics, CERN, Physics, Physics Education Research, History, Scientific Theory, Scientific Philosophy


  • Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh (2017). Fleksibilisering av fysikkundervisning.
  • Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh (2016). Fleksibel undervisning. Hvordan gjøre undervisning i matematikk og fysikk mer effektiv.
  • Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh (2016). Fysikk for tress og y-vei.
  • Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh (2016). Realfagskurset 2017.
  • Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh (2015). Fysikk på tress og y-vei.
  • Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh (2015). Miscellaneous Physics.
  • Andersson, Gunnar; Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh; Wu, Hong; Sahama, Tony; Wilichowski, Mathias & Eguía, Valentín Miguel (2014). Methods and data in industry-based student learning.
  • Holje, Øystein & Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh (2014). Fysikk for tress og y-vei.
  • Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh (2011). Signaler fra fagmøte i realfag og matematikk knyttet til den nye rammeplan.
  • Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh (2011). Ulike testyper brukt i Physics Education Research. Teoretisk bakgrunn, bruksområder, hva kan vi bruke og hvordan.
  • Andersson, Gunnar & Nilsen, Per Erik Skogh (2006). Podcasting and learning electromagnetism. Show summary

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