Runa Berg Østby

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Academic interests

My academic interests include:

  • Organic chemistry, in particular synthesis and activity of biologically active compounds, e. g. natural products like pheromones, and pharmacologically active compounds.
  • Analytical quality management and statistical quality control for healtcare laboratories.
  • Use of microreactor technology (flow chemistry) and microwave irradiation in the synthesis of small organic molecules.

Courses taught


  • Phd in organic chemistry from The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).
  • Researcher (Nycomed Imaging AS)
  • Registration executive (Drug Regulatory Affairs, Amersham Health).


  • Professor Yngve Stenström's research group at NMBU.


  • Østby, Runa Berg; Stenstrøm, Yngve H. & Didriksen, Terje (2015). The use of flow chemistry for two-phase dibromocyclopropanation of alkenes. Journal of Flow Chemistry.  ISSN 2062-249X.  5(2), s 69- 73 . doi: 10.1556/JFC-D-14-00041 Show summary
  • Østby, Runa Berg & Stenstrøm, Yngve (2014). Syntheses of bicyclo[3.3.0]octanes and bicyclo[4.3.0]nonanes by ring expansion of isopropylidenecyclobutanes. ARKIVOC.  ISSN 1551-7004.  (iv), s 266- 284 . doi: 10.3998/ark.5550190.p008.383 Show summary

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  • Antonsen, Simen Gjelseth; Østby, Runa Berg & Stenstrøm, Yngve H. (2018). Naturally Occurring Cyclobutanes, their Biological Significance and Synthesis. Elsevier.  ISBN 9780444640574.  41 s.

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  • Østby, Runa Berg; Didriksen, Terje; Antonsen, Simen Gjelseth; Nolsøe, Jens Mortansson Jelstrup; Stenstrøm, Yngve H. & Monsen, Erling Berge (2019). Two-phase Dibromocyclopropanation of Unsaturated Alcohols Using Flow Chemistry.
  • Stenstrøm, Yngve H.; Hansen, Trond Vidar & Østby, Runa Berg (2015). Syntheses of 3-, 4- and 5-Membered Carbocycles - New Methodology on Old Methods.
  • Østby, Runa Berg; Antonsen, Simen Gjelseth; Stenstrøm, Yngve & Westerås, Stephen (2015). Synthesis of cyclobutanes by microwave assisted [2+2] intramolecular allene-ene reactions.

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