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Research instrument park

Advanced Materials research group.


Anton Paar MCR302 rheometer with a range of measuring systems.

Zeta potentials and Dynamic Light Scattering

Möbius from Wyatt with Atlas option

Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy

DWS RheoLab from LSinstruments

Isothermal Calorimeter

TAM Air Isothermal Calorimeter from TA Instruments


Thermo Scientific UV-VIS Evolution 201 Spectrophotometer with temperature control.

Material Testing Machine

Galdabini Quasar 100 Material Testing Machine

Compression Testing Machine

Compression Testing Machine ALPHA 3-3000 from Form+Test Prüfsysteme

Guarded hot plates system

Home-made guarded hot plates system

Leica DM2700 microscope

Leica DM2700 microscope with camera system.

Dielectric Constant Meter

BI-870 Dielectric Constant Meter from Brookhaven Instruments

Flow table for mortar and building lime

63-L0040/Gx Flow table for mortar and building lime from ControlsGroup

Moisture Analyser

MB64 Moisture Analyser from VWR

pH meter

VWR IS 2100L pH meter


RFM340-M refractometer from Bellingham & Stanley

Rotary evaporator, freeze drier, centrifuge

Freeze-drier, rotary evaporator, UV-lamp, centrifuge, balances, syringe pump

Stirrers, homogenizers, sonication

Stirrers, mixers, roller, vortex, homogenizer, sonicator, ultrasonic bath


Environmental chamber, climatic chamber, incubator, oven, vacuum oven, freezer