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Building and Environment

Welcome to Building and Environment Research Group

The Building and Environment Research group conducts research to address the emerging challenges related with green building and environment, resilience and sustainability of infrastructure, urban flooding and wastewater management, structural and geotechnical engineering, as well as concrete and building technology.

Our multi-disciplinary research involves green building science, resilient road networks and green transportation, flood hazard mapping, and human interaction with the indoor and outdoor built environment.

Skodsberg bru, Aremark, Østfold (C) Yonas Zewdu Ayele

Research Area

The research area of our group is multidisciplinary in nature, involving various fields of engineering and its management, related to different industries, including construction, transport, geotechnics, sanitary and wastewater, and energy and process industries.

Our research area includes:

  • Resilience assessment
  • Application of drones for bridge inspection and resilience assessment
  • Urban flooding and wastewater management
  • Applications of EPS Geofoam
  • Green and environmental sustainable building
  • Concrete technology
  • Smart transport networks
  • Smart digital data collection in road transportation network




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